The Ostfront Campaign

Chuk and I have started up an Axis of Attack campaign set in Spring 1943 on the Eastern Front. We wanted something with a little more meat than the standard Flames of War Axis of Attack campaigns. Specifically, we wanted some sort of casualty tracking from game to game. So I cooked up these rules. Eventually they grew to incorporate a number of other ideas, such as use of VP for various scenario special rules and use of maps to determine terrain (taken using Google Earth).

Ostfront Campaign

Ostfront Campaign Rosters

Campaign Sectors 1-2

Campaign Sectors 3-5

Campaign Sectors 6-7
Stay tuned for AAR’s and pictures of all of our games.


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2 responses to “The Ostfront Campaign”

  1. John Fortune says :

    Hi Brian,
    I found some campaign rules you wrote with Mike Miller in 2005. Just wondering if you still use them or if yo updated them. Do you like how they play? I ma looking for a good campaign system.


    Please email me if you can.

  2. Brian says :


    I haven’t played those same campaign rules again (although we had a lot of fun with that campaign). Mike and I try various ideas from time to time, striving to find that perfect balance of campaign feel and ease of use 🙂

    The site doesn’t provide me with your address. If you drop back by here, feel free to email me at cantwell dot brian at gmail.


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