Panzer IIIH’s

I have been working on some vehicles to do a 1942 Panzer company for Flames of War. Most of my German collection to date has been done in dunkelgelb, so I wanted to start adding some earlier armor and equipment in Panzer Grey. These models are Quality Castings Panzer IIIH’s, although the tank commander is from Battlefront (from one of the old green boxes of tank commanders). They are painted with PollyS Panzer grey.

I wanted to try out some extreme weathering on these models, namely some really good caked on mud. After the model was painted and sprayed with a coat of clear gloss laquer, I mixed some brown paint with some Liquitex Ceramic Stucco Texture Gel and globbed that around the underside of the model. I then did a couple of drybrushes culminating in an overall tan drybrush to “dust up” the models. Overall I’m very pleased with the results. The texture gel adds three-dimensionality to the mud and makes the vehicles really look crusty. It was sort of weird to be going in and covering over detail though. I was disappointed with the decaling, as I didn’t get all of the air bubbles pushed out from under the numbers and they frosted up a bit. Not too apparent beyond a few inches though.

Left Side ViewFront ViewRear ViewDetail of mud on tracks

The front view above gives the best indication of the color of these vehicles.


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