Gotta love a good bargain. I found a bunch of Battlefront Romanians in the sale bin at the local Hobbytown. I had wanted some Romanians for a while, so jumped at this opportunity. I was able to find enough packs to form a couple of infantry platoons, an MG platoon, a mortar platoon, some engineers, and some cavalry. All for half the regular price! I’ll need to fill out with a few extras and I did leave a few things in the bin, since the Hobbytown occasionally puts their 50% off stuff down to 75% off. That kind of bargain would even get me to buy a couple of Ferdinands.

Bargain Romanians

Now to find time to paint them…


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One response to “Romanians”

  1. Disgruntled Wendigo says :

    That wouldn’t be the local ‘Chicken River’ Hobbytown would it?

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