I am ready for some (fantasy) football!

Some of the local guys are getting some Blood Bowl games together so I decided to put a team together. I liked the idea of an Egyptian theme undead team so I picked up some GW Khemri minis off EBay. I’ve supplemented those with some various other minis to produce the Phearsome Pharohs. The team color scheme is sort of Lapis and Carnelian.

After experimenting a little, I decided that I didn’t like the Blood Bowl Khemri team because they were too one-dimensional, having no players able to really handle the ball, pass, etc. So I have opted to use the minis as a standard Blood Bowl Undead team.

The Undead Team can field Skeletons and Zombies as their basic linemen and have Mummies, Wights, and Ghouls as their special players. The Khemri Mummies and Skeletons can play those same roles.

For the Wights, I have a couple of Anubis from Impact Miniatures. I love those figures and they really make for a great Egyptian theme look. They work well as the wights and the Regeneration skill is perfect since everyone knows that the only way to kill an Anubis Warrior is to cut off his head.

For the ghouls, my idea was to have them be graverobbers that were caught by the curses guarding the tombs of the Pharohs and forced to play Blood Bowl for the Tomb Kings. I acquired some Perry Miniatures Nile Arab spearmen and dressed them up with some leftover pads and such from the Khemri minis. I gave them a covering of sores and open wounds, since those cursed by the Pharohs always seem to acquire boils, sores, and other dermatological problems. The final results were not perfect, but I think it works pretty well.

Finally, I am going to use some Reaper mummies to represent my zombies. “Standard” undead teams are led by a Necromancer that can raise killed opposing players as zombies to play for him. I envision an Egyptian Undead team having a priest and a team of embalmers ready to steal a fallen foe and conduct a couple of quick embalming rituals to get a new player for the second half. The GW Mummies are big and have plenty of bling, so they’ll be easy to distinguish from the “lesser mummies” being used as zombies.

I have the minis for 3 more lesser mummies and 2 more graverobbers.  The graverobbers remaining require a little more conversion work than the two already completed, but should not be too hard to do.

Now to build a field, make some templates, paint my recently acquired Dark Elves, and of course, get in some games!


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3 responses to “I am ready for some (fantasy) football!”

  1. miniark says :

    Look awesome, the team is ready for the season; we’ll see how it goes on the field!

  2. Chip Aaron says :

    Hey, Brian. Great to hear you are getting in on some Blood Bowl. We are trying to finish up our 3rd season here in San Antonio. Your team looks awesome! Keep up the good work and hope to see you sometime in the future.
    Chip Aaron

  3. mausberger says :

    Great looking team. I like the blue and yellow color scheme. I’m just starting on a Khemri team I bought 10 years ago. How did you attach these little loin cloth parts for the skeletons? Did you just glue them on our add a pin at the back? I’m already unnerved with just the arms and heads. 😉

    Best, Gerhard

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