Brits and Boers

Back before Cold Wars, we played a Boer War game using Bob’s newest iteration of his colonial rules. The Boers were hiding out in a box canyon until the British found them and sent a detachment to capture the Boer supplies. The Boers had to exit as many of their supply wagons as possible and the British were trying to prevent that.

The Boers are better marksmen than the British, but the solid British regulars have a definite advantage in morale and close combat. I was on the Boer side and out plan was to establish firing lines to try and hold open a corridor for the wagons to escape. The ox-drawn supply wagons didn’t move to fast, so it was definitely a challenge to keep the Brits at bay. On my side of the canyon I had some initial poor results and a couple of my units were driven back my British fire. However, these were on my extreme flank and although they were forced back, they were able to rally again and again to keep valuable British units pinned down fighting them.

We got a couple of Boer units far forward and were able to keep the British from concentrating many troops at our chosen exit point. In the end, we committed out mounted reserve which rode forward and cleared out the most dangerous of the British blocking our path and we were able to exit most of our wagons for a Boer win. It was definitely a fun game. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so took the pictures with the camera on my phone and they are a little grainy.

To see some better pictures of the game in action, check out the Battle Barn Gamers AAR of Bob’s Cold Wars game.


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