Roman Seas II – Marines

To crew out my 1:300 Roman ships with marines, I ordered some 6mm infantry from Baccus in the UK. I sent a few emails to Peter at Baccus and he was very helpful in helping me decide which packs to get. I ended up with a mix of Later Imperial Romans with and without helmets (but no body armor) . I also picked up some Later Imperial archers and a pack of ballista from the Early Imperial Romans range. Service from Baccus was great and I got the minis from England within a couple of weeks.

I had originally planned to follow Eric Hotz suggestions for basing marines and put a couple of figures in a small stand. However, once I got the models and started looking at some unpainted strips on the ships, I liked the looks of the four man strips. These also seemed to fit nicely with the number of troops on a ship in the Salamis ad Actium rules I plan to use, so I prepped up enough strips to fill out a 5 ship squadron of liburnians, which I currently intend to be each player’s command in the game. These were primed white and painted with a light blue tunic and blue shield with a simple design in white. I shaded the figures with a wash of black ink in 20% Future. I was able to paint up about 24 strips of infantry in just a couple of evenings.

I used one of the command strips to make a stand for the squadron commander. I kept the trumpeter and bodyguard, but chose not to use the standard bearer. The ballista is crewed by earlier imperial roman legionaries wearing lorica segmenta armor, which is not appropriate for time period of my game. At this scale however you don’t really see details not brought out by paint, so I just painted the armor in light blue and they look fine.

After painting I definitely like the look of using a four figure strip of figures as a unit of marines in the game. This not only looks good, but is also easy. The strips seem reasonably stable without any additional basing, so that saves time. The only downside of using the strips of four instead of bases of two is that I’ll have to buy twice as many figures. Of course this is not exactly a downside to Peter at Baccus!

Next step is to get enough ships and crews done to do a playtest game to check out the rules.

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One response to “Roman Seas II – Marines”

  1. Ray Sams says :

    Brian, I have to agree with you on the supply and service levels from Baccus. I too emailed Peter and he was most helpful with figures for my Romans, Carthaginians and Barbarians. Nice job on the paint jobs and on the ships.

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