Historicon ’08 PEL Available

The Preliminary Event List for Historicon ’08 has been released and is available for download at the Historicon website. I’m running three games this year.

Eye for an Eye: Markham Valley (New Guinea), Sept. 1943

T-278 Thurs. 7 PM, 4 hrs, 8 players

F-279 Fri. 11 AM, 4 hrs, 8 players

WWII 1/285 micro, Rules: Check Your Six!
Gen. MacArthur, Gen. Kenney (commander of the Fifth Air Force in New Guinea), and Gen. Vassey (commander of the Australian 7th Inf Div) are on a brass hat flight to observe the parachute drop into the Markham Valley. Historically flight went off without a hitch, but what if Japanese had learned of the general’s flight? The Imperial Japanese Army Air Force sends out its best to take revenge on the Americans for the assassination of Admiral Yamamoto earlier that year.

Rule Britannia! – English Channel, 289 AD

S-277 Sat. 1 PM, 4 hrs, 8 players

Ancients 6mm, Rules: Salamis ad Actium
The rebel Carausius has seized the Roman fleet in Gaul and established an independent empire in Britain. The Roman emperor in the west, Maximian, has constructed a new fleet and sallied forth from the Rhine river to defeat the rebels and reconquer Britain. Can the experienced sailors of Carausius’ fleet defeat the Romans and maintain their sovereignty? Take command a squadron of liburnians and fight for control of the waters around Britain. Ramming Speed!


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3 responses to “Historicon ’08 PEL Available”

  1. Scott says :

    Hey Brian, any chance of you bringing my trees?

  2. Brian Cantwell says :


    Yep. I was planning on doing that. I misplaced your address. Send me an email and we’ll make plans to hook up. I owe you a beer or two interest on the tree loan.


  3. Scott says :

    mwowm at rocketmail dot com
    I’ve sent you some emails, but I’m thinking they are going directly to spam hell.

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