CY6! Featuring the Me-262

I have a few Me-262 models from 21st Century Toys that I had not been able to use in any games, so I wrote a scenario to use them. American pilots would sometimes swoop down on the Me-262 bases hoping to catch the jets when they were trying to take off. To counter this, the Luftwaffe began to use FW-190Ds as top cover over the jet bases while the Me-262s were taking off or landing. In this scenario six American P-51D’s jump a pair of Me-262s with a pair of FW-190’s as top cover. In addition to the usual VP for downing enemy planes, the Germans can get VP if they can successfully climb the jets out of the top of the CAB and set off to attack US bombers.

The Americans came in toward the Me-262’s in pair of looping turns that put them parallel to the runway. However, the time taken by this maneuver was too long and the crafty German Bob outfoxed us with an Immelman turn right off the end of the runway, at which point an unfortunate US pilot found out what four 30mm cannons can do to a fighter aircraft (bad, bad things). Over the course of the game, Bob decided to dogfight the P-51’d rather than try and climb out. One of the jets eventually was shot down, but the second jet proved to be a very slippery foe, as he made several Robustness rolls to shrug off the fire from the American 0.50 cal MGs. Another Mustang was not so lucky when he too wandered in front of the 262 at close range. The covering FW-190D contributed another downed Mustang (or maybe two) and the US pilots eventually decided to break off and head for home, having at least kept the jet occupied and away from the US bombers.

On another night we played the “Heinz Bar, Jet Ace” scenario from the Check Your Six! rules. This scenario pits four P-47’s against a single Me-262 with an Ace pilot. This game is played with two CAB (12 altitude levels) and was really an up and down affair with a lot of vertical maneuvering. This is a tough, tough fight for the US as the majority of the US aircrew are green and cannot make adjustments, while Heinz Bar is an Ace and can easily slip a little this way or that to stay out of the firing arc of the Americans. We like to play using the optional narrower firing arc, which probably tips the balance in this particular scenario a little bit toward the German (unlike many other games where the multiple targets makes the width of the firing arc less critical). Heinz managed to shoot down two of the four Mustangs (with the usual massive overkill from the four 30mm cannon) but then ran out of ammunition. From that point the game changed from one of attack to one of evasion for the German Aceas he tried to find a way to escape without leaving himself open to a shot. FInally the Me-262 maneuvered all of the Americans below him and then used the Jet’s superior speed to outclimb the Americans and exit the upper CAB boundary.

Both games were very entertaining and certainly made me glad that Germany was not able to put more of these formidable aircraft into service during the war.


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