Historicon 2008

In addition to running my air and naval games at Historicon this year, I was able to get into a number of fun games, met up with some far-flung buddies, and of course made the pilgrimage to the dealer’s room.

On Friday afternoon, I was able to get into Alvin’s Eastern Front Check Your Six! game. I took a pair of Soviet Aircobras and was tasked with shooting down some Facist bombers while my fellow defenders of the motherland took on the German experten sent to ambush us. I was able to maneuver my Aircobras in for close range shots were the 37mm cannon could actually hit and shot down three of the bombers and forced the rest to abort. My fellow pilots had largely departed the field and I suddenly found my two aircraft alone amongst the enemy. I escaped with one, but lost the other. A fun game, but I definitely prefer my 3D altitude stands.

Later that evening I played in a WWI trench raid game using the Iron Ivan WWI rules, Price of Glory. The scenario had our valiant French poilu defending against Boche stormtroopers. I had command of the left side of our forward trench and had the good fortune to be deployed opposite the most aggressive German commander. He launched a blitz against my section of trench and my troops forward were wiped out. Elsewhere things were going well for our side. The French troops on the right panicked and left their forward positions, but the Germans on that side were less aggressive and failed to follow up, allowing us to hold sections of the trench. In our center one of our Hotchkiss MGs held on for a long time and caused a long delay. Toward the end of the game we had brought our reserves and secured the objectives and the German attack was severely set back when a luck shot exploded the fuel tank of one of their flamethrower teams. The terrain was really nice and the guys doing the game had some a great job on the figures.

Saturday evening I played in and helped out with my good friend Mike’s WWII game. The scenario pitted 28 Panther tanks of the 112th Panzer Brigade against elements of the 2nd Free French Armored Division. The Panzers had lagered in the town of Dompaire and were awoken to the sound of P-47’s and exploding bombs. The Panzer Brigades were very well equipped but very poorly trained and Mike used the relatively new A Leader of Men rules for the game as these rules concentrate on leadership and command and control. I played as the German battalion CO and helped out the German side with the rules and such. Overall the battle proceeded in a fairly historical fashion. The Panther Brigade troops were easily stalled by failed morale tests and I spent much of the night racing from stalled unit to stalled unit getting them moving forward again. We pushed out pretty far but were punished by repeated strikes from the P-47s. A fun game with a different feel from many of the more “shooting oriented” WWII games.

The dealer’s room was even better than usual for me since I was able to put some unused stuff on a friend’s flea market table. I couldn’t help out with manning the table since I was running a game but he sold $475 worth of unused stuff for me. I gave some to Scott to cover the table cost and his time, spent some of the money for my hotel room (i.e. bought Spouse Approval Points) and took the rest to the dealer’s room. This was the first time that I had been there with a big chunk of change and it was a lot of fun to just walk around and buy whatever struck me (within reason). I got a couple of platoons of converted French vehicles for 21 Panzer on D-Day, more AT guns for my British paras, some artillery and cavalry for my Romanians, a scad of 1/300 aircraft (and decals) to do the two Russo-Finnish scenarios in the Check Your Six! rulebook, and a few odds and ends.

Finally, I’ve included a number of photos from around the con. I didn’t get a chance to go around and take as many pictures as last year, but here are a smattering of games from around the convention.


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2 responses to “Historicon 2008”

  1. Darilian says :

    Did you catch the name of the game with that Victorian Sci-Fi battleship? I’ve seen some other pictures of that around, looked absolutely incredible.

    aka, William from Austin

  2. Bruce says :


    Sorry I didn’t get to talk with you at Historicon, but it was nice stoping by and saying Hi as you set up. I also had a game that I needed to set up.

    You did a great job on hosting your ancient galley game. I hosted a pick-up game Friday night, and one of the players had played in your earlier game. He was very impressed with your game.

    Best Regards,


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