Blood Bowl Orcs

Back on the week of Christmas, Ken and I decided to play a game of Blood Bowl.  In order to get an opposing team painted for my Egyptian Undead to play, I started work on the Orc team that comes in the Blood Bowl box and tried out some fast stain painting techniques to get at least the basic colors on the team.   The team looked pretty good for having only 2 days work done on them.

The game was a lot of fun, although we weren’t exactly able to play quickly as we were pretty rusty and had to look up a lot of stuff.  Ken decided to take Lumpy the Troll on his team and the Big Guy did an excellent job of keeping my two Mummies busy.   The high armor of the Orcs kept them in the game even when the Mummies broke free to pummel someone.  I scored first, but Ken was able to come back and score in the second half.  As Ken kicked off folowing the tyiong score, the ball bounced up close to the midline and my guys failed to pick up the ball.  Ken crashed the line trying to get to the ball to score the game winner.  However in doing so he ended up with no depth and I was able to scoop up the ball and wiggle through and sprint down the sideline for the winning score.

After the game I brought the Orcs back to the painting table and added details and finishing touches.  My original concept for these guys was to take the two teams that come in the Blood Bowl box and paint them up in the colors of the Aggies of Texas A&M (whoop!) and the t-sips of texas university (in Austin).  The Orcs seem the obvious choice to represent the Ags and the Wrecking Crew defense from the Pre-Francione Era provided an appropriate team name.  The maroon and white color scheme looks suitably orcish to me.  The basic colors were stain painted (1:1 paint:water mix) over white primer.  The whole model was then given a wash with a Magic Dip/Wash mix, in this case straight Future pigmented with black and brown ink.  With the bases painted, those steps alone created a presentable team for the game.  The detail work involved a little bit of extra highlighting in a few places (mainly drybrushing a little maroon back over the large pads and helmets), picking out the details (like skulls, teeth, etc) and adding the white stripes and such.  Overall I was quite pleased with the results and definitely want to work on perfecting those techniques in order to speed up some of my painting projects.

I have a few more upgrades planned for the team.  I want to get some bits and make give Lumpy the Troll some armor and such to tie him in visually to the rest of the team.  I ordered a few Goblins from Games Workshop and picked up some 40K Orcs on sale at the FLGS that I am converting to make a couple of more Blitzers.  Say what you will about GW, but I cannot fault their service.  I ordered the Goblins on December 31 and received them on Janueary 2!  I just need to procure a couple of more Black Orcs and I’ll have pretty much covered all of the options for a Blood Bowl Orc team.


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