Blood Bowl Dark Elves

Some time ago I bought a Dark Elves box set for Blood Bowl off EBay and then added in a reinforcement pack from Games Workshop.  They sat around for a long time waiting for the Muse to drop by and gift me with some inspiration.

As with many GW figures, these are amply decorated with skulls, but I wanted to do something a little different with them.  After a couple of tests. I settled on a “Wood Elves Gone Bad” theme of dark green, grey, and brown.  For the skulls, I went with a sort of sickly, poison gas green-yellow effect… sort of a Mr. Yuk kind of idea.  I am quite pleased with the final product. I need to pick up an Assassin for the team and perhaps a couple of Star Players…

This team will be taking to the pitch this summer as part of the Knoxville Area Blood Bowl Action League behing held at the freindly local gaming store, Sci-Fi City.  Look for KABBAL reports in the near future.


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2 responses to “Blood Bowl Dark Elves”

  1. Andy says :

    Dark Elves are fun to play. All those wonderful AG 4, AV 8 Linemen making passes, getting TDs and earning Block and Dodge early… Plus, FOUR 7348 Block Blitzers…they rock.

  2. Mik says :

    I love your color scheme you’ve got going on here. The highlights of green on the skulls is very well done and even your basing looks well above average. Solid work, I wish them a good season (unless I play them of course).

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