One of the friendly local gaming stores has started a Blood Bowl league, the Knoxville Area Blood Bowl Action League.  The Nan Dungorthin Despoilers made their debut and won a close (and costly) first game.

I decided to start with this team:  1 Runner, 1 Witch Elf, 2 Blitzers, and 7 Linemen, and 2 team re-rolls.  I could have gotten more Blitzers at the expense of the Witch Elf, but wanted to go ahead and have the Witch Elf on the team since she’s a fun player with several interesting skills.

The first match of the league season was against Robbie’s Badland Butchaz, and orc team heavy on the hitters.   He had four Black Orc Blockers, four Blitzers, a Troll, a Goblin, and a Thrower.  Going through the pre-game festivities found us playing in perfect weather before 26,000 fans.   Robbie won the opening coin toss and elected to kick to me.

My first possession started out great as the elves swung to the right.  The Witch Elf dodged her way downfield and I was able to shoot in a short pass that allowed her to run in for an early TD.   The elves can always score, but the real test would come when it was time to play defense.  I kicked off to the orcs and started my delay and pounce defensive tactics\.  The goal was to give up as few blocks as possible, dodging out of the way and looking for an opportunity to rush in to take advantage if a dropped ball.  Robbie set up to my left and began to set up a cage for the ball.  But luck turned against him when an orc missed a pass and the ball bounced off of several players and wound up sitting in the open.  A quicj scoop by a line elf and another short pass saw the Witch Elf run it in for the second TD.

Things started to go south once I kicked off to Robbie again.  I very rapidly saw a couple of elves knocked unconscious and my numbers start to dwindle.  Still, my dlaying tactics were making it hard for Robbie to clear an easy path through my defenders and the turns remaining in the first half were getting slim.  A couple of more linemen were knocked silly and suddenly my guys were down 4 players.  I had a couple of critical failures where I failed 2+ or 3+ dodge attempts even after using my re-rol, leaving my team down and out of position.  The runner tried to plug the hole and was injured for his efforts, followed shortly by another  lineman.  On his last turn of the first half, Robbie punched across a TD to make it 2-1 in favor of the Despoilers.

The start of the second half looked pretty grim as most of my unconscious players stayed that way and I was only able to put 7 elves on the field, plus I had to kick off to the orcs.   I was able to delay for a long time, but eventually the orcs scored a second TD.  I had only a single turn left in the second half, but that critically gave me a an extra set of dice rolls to recover my unconscious guys.  Regulation time ended and we went into sudden death overtime.

I won the die roll to start the overtime period and opted to receive.  The Witch Elf  sprinted downfield, dodging through traffic.  I was in position for a quick score, but Robbie was able to get to the Witch Elf and stun her.   I was able to work the ball into the orc half of the field, but turned it over ther.  Robbie picked up the ball and started moving it forward.   Again my guys failed some critical dodge attempts and were still knocking out elves left and right.  I was reduced to only 5 players in turn 5 of the OT period when Robbie made a mistake – he had the time and protection to run the ball in with his Thrower.  Instead he tried to pass it ahead to one of his blitzers – who promptly missed the ball and it bounced to within reach of a lineman.   The elf dodged away from a tackle zone, picked up the ball under a tackle zone, dodged away again and handed off to a second lineman.  That lineman streaked ahead and passed to the witch elf who raced downfield.  Robbie had one blitzer that could reach her, but it would take some good die rolls.  The orc made the dodge roll to break away, but fell down trying to Go Fort It and get the extra movement needed to hit the Witch Elf.  On my next turn, she scampered for the winning score, here third TD of the day.

There were 2 other games played on the first day:  Chaos vs Necromantic and Humans v. Wood Elves.  I don’t know the outcome of these games, but at some point (hopefully soon) there will be a league website that I can link to from here…

.I forgot my camera and I took some pictures on my phone camera, but it’s a newish phone and I didn’t have a data cable…  One is on-route from Hong Kong now, so hopefully there will be pictures in the future even if the camera stays home.


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