KABBAL game 2 – Despoilers Defeat Hochland Harlots 3-2

I got in my second game in our Blood Bowl league last night, defeating Mike’s human team 3-2.   Mike’s Hochland Harlots were a nicely painted female human team built using Shadowforge minis, along with a GW Ogre for a little heavy hitting power.  After the first week, Mike’s team was the top rated team in the league, thanks in part to his having rolled a +1 Strength skill increase on one pf his blitzers.  Due to some injuries against the orcs, the Despoilers were playing without their runner and with a couple of journeymen signed off the practice squad.  I had some inducement money, so hired a wandering Apothecary to try and keep my players alive.

The weather for the game was perfect and 24,000 fans showed up to watch the game, mostly Despoilers fans, giving me the FAME bonus.  Mike won the initial coin flip and opted to receive.  His team is built for the power running game with 4 blitzers and an Ogre, but no catchers, and using his two throwers sort of like option quarterbacks.  Early in the game the Despoilers got a fortuitous bit of luck.  Ekaltrix the Witch Elf knocked down the Strength 4 blitzer and caused an injury.  I lost one of the journeyman linemen on that drive, but that’s an exchange I gladly accepted.  Mike drove down the field as I chipped away at the cage of players protecting the ball carrier.  Finally when he was within on turn of scoring I got a chance to attack the ball carrier and succeeded in knocking the ball loose – only to have it bounce straight to the Ogre, who actually caught it!.  The Ogre scored in the next turn to give the Harlots a 1-0 lead.

With only a couple of turns remaining in the half, the Despoilers set up to receive the kick off.  the unruly fans started throwing rocks indiscriminately and both team teams lost a player.   Mike had a second of his 4 blitzers injured for the game and I had Ekaltrix the Witch Elf injured.  Fortunately my hired Apothecary was able to patch her up.  She’d miss this drive but be available for the second half.  I set up right (fortunately where the injured blitzer had been) and pushed up the field, scoring a last turn TD to tie it before the half.

I received the second half kickoff and got a convenient Quick Snap on the kickoff and used the extra square of movement to get out in front.  Quick Snap is a great result for me, since it allows me to disengage my front line from his hitters without a roll that I can fail.  With Ekaltrix patrolling the sides and making Mike wary of putting players too close to the edge, I drove down the right side again.  My ability to disengage when needed and redeploy was a constant source of frustration for Mike in the game.  My constant source of frustration was his blitzer with Guard, who seemed to be everywhere providing assistance to his other players.  I would have liked to have stalled for another turn before scoring, but Mike was lining up to pummel my players if I did, so I went ahead and punched in the TD to take a 2-1 lead.

With five turns remaining, I’d need to keep my players on their feet and harrass him at every turn to preserve my win…  Unfortunately I did neither.  Mike was able to stun several players, leaving me short at a critical time.  Then I forgot to move a couple of players, giving him the freedom of movement he needed.  He punched in the tie score on turn 7.  We both spent turn 8 trying (in vain) for some bonus casualties then went into sudden death overtime.

Mike won the die roll and set up to receive.  I got another good kick off result – a blitz – giving me a free turn and I pushed a couple of my fast players into his backfield.  The kick sailed deep and away from his strong side, offering me a chance to cause a little trouble if he failed to pick it up.  He picked it up fine, but then fumbled when trying to pass the ball over to his strong side.  Opportunity was waiting.  I sent the Witch Elf in to try and push the thrower away from the ball – and she wiffed and was knocked down.  Now Mike was the one with opportunity, as I had a couple of my best players behind his lines and away from the point of attack.  Fortunately, his Ogre was getting tired and had a couple of brain-lapses.  Even still, Mike was able to push downfield as I scrambled to assemble some sort of defense.  He broke out and made a break for the end zone with his ball carrying blitzer and one escort.  Fortunately, I was able to get to the ball carrier and knock him down… only to have the ball drop right into the hands of his escort.  But his player was now in a bit of a pickle, alone and with four of my players nearby.  I should have no problem jarring the ball free in my next turn, so Mike went for the win, attempting to dodge away from the Despoilers players.  he didn’t make it.  I picked up the dropped ball and headed the other way, forming an escort as I went.  Mike made a few attempts to get to me, but I successfully evaded him and scored the game winner.

Another very closely fought and entertaining game.  Playing against this team seems to require a lot of patience.  The high agility allows me to dodge away and present teams with few opportunities to knock down my players and the armor on the regular linemen and blitzer is just good enough to keep me on the field.  When the opponent gets impatient and makes a break for it or throws a dangerous pass, I am able to get to the ball and rapidly reverse the field.

Two more Despoilers players gained new skills in this game and we made $50,000.  Much better than last time, but still not the $60,000 I needed to add another Blitzer to the roster.


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One response to “KABBAL game 2 – Despoilers Defeat Hochland Harlots 3-2”

  1. Mik says :

    Nice work on another win!

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