KABBAL Game 3 – Despoilers v. Coldbloods match ends in 1-1 tie

My third KABBAL game was against Eric’s Lizardman team, the Coldbloods.    Eric’s lizardman team is a nicely painted squad converted from stock Warhammer Fantasy Battle lizardman.  I agree with almost everyone else that these minis look a lot better then the dedicated Blood Bowl lizardman team sold by GW.   This was Eric’s first league game, so he was playing with his starting roster of 4 Saurus and 7 skinks, supported by an apothecary and 4 re-rolls.  I was up about $100000 in team value, so Eric added a couple of Bloodwesier Babes to his sideline to help motivate his Knocked Out players back onto the field.

Following the last match I had settled on giving my Blitzer Leap and the lineman Kick.  Leap would allow that Blitzer to jump in amongst the opponents protecting a ball carrier and hopefully knock the ball loose.  Once it’s bouncing around, the high agility of my players gives me a better chance to snag a bouncing ball.  Kick is great for keeping the action focused on the part of the field where I want it to be.  I also decided that I’d be best served by spending some of my hard won cash and hiring an Apothecary to keep my growing collection of skilled players in one piece.

The Skinks on a Lizardman team are fairly fragile and I finally had an opportunity to be the basher instead of the bashee, although I’d need to keep up my usual “run away” tactics against the ST4 Saurus.  My plan was to bash the skinks and try and get a TD each for the Witch Elf and Rinner and an extra 1-2 Star Player Points for each from completions or casualties.   That would give each of those players a new skill, plus one more on a Lineman from my MVP award.  Oh, and winning would be nice too…

The weather was perfect and 17,000 fans showed up.  Fortunately, more were Despoilers supporters, so I got the +1 FAME bonus.  I got to receive the kick off and the FAME bonus immediately paid off with an extra re-roll – which I promptly lost on an Illegal Procedure for not moving my turn marker.  My opening drive was a typical Dark Elf attack as I blitzed the skinks out of my way on the flank, advanced the ball into Coldblood territory and completed a TD pass to Ekaltrix the Witch Elf for the opening score.    The Coldbloods got a quick snap on the ensuing kick-off and began moving up the field.  The leaping Blitzer was able to upset the apple cart by leaping in to hit the ball carrier.  Initially the Coldbloods were targeting the Witch Elf and tried to foul her off the pitch, but a bit of timely help from another player kept her on the pitch and the offending skink was sent to the locker room by the Refs as an added bonus.  The Despoilers were able to pry the ball away from the Coldbloods near the end of the half, but were not close enough to score an extra TD, so the half ended with a 1-o Despoilers lead.  The Elves kicker was injured by a Saurus and about to be dead when my newly hired Apothevary stepped in and patched the player up good as new.  A good call by Despoilers management.  I had a couple of unfortunate Double Skull block rolls that cut our turns short (having long since burned through my two re-rolls).

In the second half, the dice were enemies of both sides, each in a different way.  The Coldblods received the opening kick and started downfield, but were having a very hard time knocking down any of my players.  He rolled lots of Push results and lots of Defender Stumbles results against my Dodgers.  So he was able to shove me around but not open any big holes to run through.  For my part, I could not get any of the skinks off the field.  I was able to knock them down easily, but could not roll above a 7 to defeat their armor and when I did, always rolled low so even with the injury bonus against the Stunty Skinks, was not able to cause a single casualty.  Knocked out results were worthless since he recovered those on a 2+ due to his inducement bonus.  About halfway through the second half though I was able to knock the ball loose again.   With most of his players on the right side of the field, I reversed course and headed left.  The speedy skinks rapidly moved over to seal off the movement lane but I was able to open a hole with the Witch Elf and send the Runner down the sideline with an escorting Blitzer,  I  had all of his Saurus tied up, but he was able to make all of the dodge rolls to get three Skinks in position to hit the Runner.  I had mot positioned the Blitzer in the right place, allowing the Skinks to get assists.  I tried to use my Dump-Off pass to get the ball to the Blitzer, but fumbled the roll.  The ball came free and after another unfortunately timed Double Skull, the Skinks were able to recover and run toward my end zone.  With one turn left, his ball carier was just barely within range, needing 3 successful Dodge rolls and two successful Go For It rolls.  He made all of the rolls and tied the game on his last turn.

With the store closing soon, we decided against playing the overtime and settled for the 1-1 tie.  Another fun, close game.  I was only able to get another skill for one player (a Lineman chosen as MVP), but rolled doubles and so gained access to a rare skill for the Elves, taking Guard to give me blocking assists.  I also finally rolled well in the cash department, earning $80,000 for the match, which I used to add a third Blitzer to the team.

The team is coming along nicely and is the third rated team in the league.  I really wanted to get the skills on the Runner and Witch Elf, but such is life.  Getting the guard lineman and being able to add the extra Blitzer will still definitely help out in future games.


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