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KABBAL Game 4: Despoilers Defeat the Wood Elves 4-1

The Despoilers 4th game of the KABBAL season was against a wood elf team, the Panama Pagan Pounders.  This would be another chance for the Despoilers to dispense the lumps instead of taking them.  On the other hand, the wood elves are fast and capable of turning every mistake into a score, so you have to stay on your toes.  It was perfect weather for Blood Bowl and 27,000 fans showed up to watch the match.  Unfortunately, more of them were Pounders fans.

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More Blood Bowl Minis

I was inspired by my buddy Mik’s recent posts of his recent Blood Bowl painting projects, so I got the camera out to shoot some pictures of some of my recently finished Blood Bowl stuff.

First up is a preview of my Ogre team, the People Eaters.

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Historicon 2009

Historicon is coming up again soon, being held this year from July 16-19 in Lancaster, PA.   The Preliminary Event List has been released and it looks like another fun few days of wall-to-wall gaming.  I had some good fortune this year as  several games I was very interested in playing did not overlap with the games I’m running.

I’m offering three games again this year.

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