Historicon 2009

Historicon is coming up again soon, being held this year from July 16-19 in Lancaster, PA.   The Preliminary Event List has been released and it looks like another fun few days of wall-to-wall gaming.  I had some good fortune this year as  several games I was very interested in playing did not overlap with the games I’m running.

I’m offering three games again this year.

T-428 – Come On Charlie! – New Guinea, June 1942
Thurs. 7 PM, 4 hrs, 8 players
GM: Brian Cantwell, Sponsor: I-94 Enterprises
WWII 1:300, Rules: Check Your Six!
Charlie Flight from 39th Fighter Sqdrn is on their way to rendezvous
with B-26 Maruders returning from a raid on Lae. Hearing distress
calls, the American fighters arrive on the scene to find the bombers
under attack by Zeros of the famed Tainan Air Group. For a change,
the Airacobras have the advantages of suprise and altitude. Fight for
control of the skies. Young players welcome w/adult.

F-429 – Finland’s Hawks, Stalin’s Falcons:
Lotinanpelto, Finland, Sept 1942

Fri. 7 PM, 4 hrs, 9 players
GM: Brian Cantwell, Sponsor: I-94 Enterprises
WWII 1:300, Rules: Check Your Six!
Although they received less attention than the glory boys of LeLv 24
flying the Brewsters, the Finnish pilots of LeLv 32 established a
formidable record flying Curtis Hawk 75 fighters. Six pilots from
LeLv 32 encounter a large formation of LaGG-3s, Mig-3s, I-16s, and
Pe-2s and attack in typical Finnish fashion. Can the Finns repeat the
historical performance of 11 Soviets downed without a loss?
Young players welcome with adult.

S-729 – Rule Britannia! – English Channel, 289 AD
Sat. 1 PM, 4 hrs, 8 players
GM: Brian Cantwell, Sponsor: Hotz Artworks
Ancients 6mm, Rules: Salamis ad Actium
Roman general Carausius has rebelled against the empire, seized the
fleet in Gaul and established an independent empire in Britain. The
Roman emperor in the west, Maximian, has constructed a new fleet
and sallied forth from the Rhine river to defeat the rebels and
reconquer Britain. Take command of a squadron of liburnians and
fight for control of the waters around Britain. Ramming Speed!
Young players welcome w/adult.

I will have prize support for the CY6! games from  I-94 Enterprises and for the Roman naval game from Hotz Artworks, creator of the paper ship models I use.

Unlike last year, I should have everything ready to go in plenty of time this year.  I was less ambitious in my scenario selection, choosing one CY6! game that we’ve played here with the group already as well as bringing back my Roman naval game for a second run.  That leaves me only with the Finnish-Soviet CY6! game as a painting project to be completed in the next six weeks.  Fortunately, 1/300 aircraft paint up pretty quickly and I already have all of the models prepped, primed, and ready to paint.  Of course, I’ll be offering previews and playtest reports as we go.  I might try out some different rules for the Roman naval game as I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the set I used last year.

Hope to see you there!

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