KABBAL Game 4: Despoilers Defeat the Wood Elves 4-1

The Despoilers 4th game of the KABBAL season was against a wood elf team, the Panama Pagan Pounders.  This would be another chance for the Despoilers to dispense the lumps instead of taking them.  On the other hand, the wood elves are fast and capable of turning every mistake into a score, so you have to stay on your toes.  It was perfect weather for Blood Bowl and 27,000 fans showed up to watch the match.  Unfortunately, more of them were Pounders fans.

The Pounders team consisted of a catcher, a bunch of linemen, and a couple of wardancers.  She had a couple of skills spread around the wardancers and catcher, but was down a little over 100K in team value and so induced an extra re-roll, giving her 4 for the match.  Looking at my measly two re-roll markers, I was definitely going to have to play a conservative game and limit mistakes.

The Pounders won the toss and elected to receive.  The got the ball and formed up to protect the ball carrier while sending several elves downfield.  The Pounders coach is relatively new to the game and so took a lot more 1 die blocks and other gambles than she needed to early on.  This caused her to burn through her re-rolls fairly quickly.  Unlike my usual “Run Away” defense against the bashy teams in our league, I was able to stand on the line against the wood elves, but still sent my Blitzers and Witch Elf running into the Wood Elves half of the field after the ball carrier.  However, I had not really adapted to the speed and agility of another Elf team yet and she was able to easily move past my rushers and leave them trailing the play from behind and with only a couple of linemen left to defend the mass of elves headed downfield.  She set up to pass for the go ahead score, but my Runner Hrakis snagged his first interception.   I went over to the offensive and suddenly my out of place defenders were perfectly deployed attackers.  I pushed the ball upfield and scored the game’s first TD.

There were 2-3 turns remaining for the Wood Elves when they set up to receive the kick – plenty of time for them to tie the score.  However, Nuffle was not smiling on the Pounders.  I kicked the ball deep and it bounced back almost to the Pounder’s goal line.  The Wood Elves moved to pick up the ball and rolled a 1 (needing a 2+ to be successful.  I rushed a couple of defenders into the backfield and set up the rest to try and prevent her from scoring.  A long pass is never out of the question with the Wood Elves.  However, the same player then rolled a second 1 when trying to pick up the ball on the next turn.  Suddenly faced with a gift, my Blitzer ran up, grabbed the ball, and dodged around the would-be ball handler for a score to take a 2-0 lead at halftime.  A pure luck TD, but I would take it.

The Despoilers were now set to receive the ball to open the second half and proceeded to march up the field for a third score.  My exasperated opponent had another couple of bad die rolls and had to have an aggrevation-reduction smoke break.  However, the smoke offering did not appease Nuffle, as die rolls continued to go against her and for me.  She was pushing downfield and made a normally fairly safe pass over a lineman in a tackle zone, but I rolled the required 6 to intercept the ball and was able to push the ball in four a fourth score.  Prior to that she had executed a very nice 2-turn TD, but that final interception and score sealed the deal.  She had a couple of more instances of rolling double ones, primarily when trying to move her wardancers around with Dodge or Leap.  The game ended with a 4-1 final score in favor of the Despoilers.

I had several instances where I had breakaway TD’s and with the big lead was able to carefully control who got the ball to run in for the TD and get the Star Player Points.  This allowed me to get the first skill improvement for the Runner and a second skill improvement for the Leaping Blitzer.  I gave my MVP to a lineman with a previous SPP to give me a third skill increase for the game.   However, I couldn’t find a way to get the Witch Elf that one last point she needed for a new skill.   Next time for sure.  We also made $60,000 which I closeted away to pay for another Blitzer or Witch Elf.

After their 4th game the Despoilers are in the league lead in terms of winning percentage and tied for the highest team value.


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