More Blood Bowl Minis

I was inspired by my buddy Mik’s recent posts of his recent Blood Bowl painting projects, so I got the camera out to shoot some pictures of some of my recently finished Blood Bowl stuff.

First up is a preview of my Ogre team, the People Eaters.

The Ogre is from Heresy Miniatures.  Heresy was running some great sales a while back when they needed to generate some cash for a new spincaster, so I picked up six of their fantasy football ogres.  These are nice in that they are multipart models and come with a slew of different heads, hands, etc. so I was able to make all of the Ogres look unique.  Of course, that same versatility means that the models are a bit of a pain to put together.

The snotlings are Impact Miniatures Hobimps.  Blood Bowl snotlings are pretty inept and mostly get punted around the field – by both teams – so I think the slightly comical look of these little guys will work great.  I’ve picked up 10 of these to fill out my Ogre team.  I’ve shown one of each available pose for the preview.

Next up are some expansions to the Wrekkin Krew, my  Orc team.  An orc team is allowed up to 4 Blitzers, but the basic team that comes with the Blood Bowl game has only two, so I went looking for some more.  I picked up a little box of Warhammer 40K Orcs and put together these two Blitzers.  The conversion was relatively simple – snipped the weapons off, removed the obviously futuristic bits like ammo pouches and added some knuckle dusters along with some greenstuff shoulder pads.  I was pretty happy with the results.

These two little guys are Goblins I got from Games Workshop.  Two should be as many as I’ll ever need.  They can provide much needed sneaky mobility if I decide to develop the team toward doing more passing.

I still need to get two more Black Orc Blockers and I’ll have the Orc team complete with all of the options I can ever see needing.

Finally, I have almost finished the basic start of a Chaos Pact team.  The Chaos Pact are a mixed race team featuring a base of Chaos human-types along with an assortment of Big Guys, a Dark Elf, a Goblin, and a Skaven.

The Marauders are made from a box of Games Workshop models for Warhammer Fantasy Battle.  Like the Orcs used to fashion the Orc Blitzers, these are hard plastic models which are great for doing conversions.  These guys come with an array of appropriately Chaos-ish shoulder pads and other doodads.  Most of the conversions are simply made by snipping away the weapons.  The guy throwing the ball has a hand swap with the Dark Elf runner that I used for the team’s Dark Elf.  The Chaos Marauder box came with parts for 16 models, so I have 8 models left for adding mutations.   The Goblin was part of the pack I got from Games Workshop.

The Ogre is a GW Morg n’ Thorg Blood Bowl model I picked up off of EBay some time ago.

The Minotaur is from Impact Miniatures.  I like the three-point stance pose of this model.  The model comes with a variety of possible heads.  I chose to go with the one with the rags over the eyes.  Just seemed like a Chaos sort of thing…

I have a Troll and Skaven being painted, which will fill out all of the basic roster for the team.


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6 responses to “More Blood Bowl Minis”

  1. Andy says :

    Awesome stuff! Well done, especially the ogre and snotlings!

  2. Brian says :

    Thanks Andy. The Ogres are definitely going to look good when there are 5-6 of them plus an assortment of the little snots running around.

  3. Mik says :

    I’ve been slacking and just now saw these. Your Pact team looks absolutely amazing, well done! That Heresy Ogre is top notch too, he looks fantastic (well, except for the thong, haha).

    Got any spare Marauder heads? 😉

  4. Mik says :

    I can’t get over how freakin’ nice your Chaos Pact team looks. It’s easily one of the nicest painted Blood Bowl teams I’ve seen yet.

  5. Paul of the Man Cave says :

    Very nice indeed! I would like a Chaos Pact team in due course but my son just got a Chaos team so will leave that for awhile. Be careful with your Skaven though – mine die ALL the time!

  6. Paul of the Man Cave says :

    And your Minotaur is awesome too!

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