Historicon 2009 Photos

Historicon 2009 has come and gone and I had a really great time this year.   Fellow Knoxville gamer Andy and I rode up on Wednesday.  After making the 8-9 hour drive by myself last year I definitely appreciated having someone else along.  I ran three games (two Check Your 6! and one Romans Seas) and played in six or seven games.  I’ll detail those in upcoming posts, but thought I’d share some of my random photos and musings to get started.

I had a limited budget for the trip, but still had the funds for some purchases.  I got some 1/300 barrage balloons for air games and picked up a few 1/300 items to add to the Roman Seas game at the last minute.  My other dealer’s room acquisitions were limited to some dice and other miscellaneous stuff, but I did manage to score a bunch of Valiant 1/2000 ships in the flea market for an absolute steal.

There were lots of special events going on for the 25th anniversary of Historicon.  I didn’t participate in most (such as the cake), but did take advantage of the free beer provided on Friday night.   I met up with a number of old gaming buddies now scattered across the country and knocked back a few cold ones, which is one of the great draws of Historicon for me.

Here are a bunch of random pictures I snapped of other people’s games in action.  Look for more pictures from my games in the next few days.


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5 responses to “Historicon 2009 Photos”

  1. Joe says :

    Nice post, looking forward to future posts regarding the show. I am looking forward to Baltimore MD show already

  2. shermon15 says :

    Will try to get there next year and have a few beers and a game or two

  3. Andy says :

    I see you got a picture of the valiant and noble Prinz von Hohenzollern-Hechingen commanding the heights of Wagram.

  4. Sandy Botond says :

    Nice photos Brian. It was good to see you again! Sandy

  5. Brian says :

    Damn good to see you again as well Sandy. Wish you could have stayed around for Saturday as well.

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