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Roman Seas Corbita

After the successful game at Historicon using Eric Hotz soon to be released Roman Seas rules, I’m definitely interested in playing some more games.  My collection is pretty limited at this time, since the scenario I have run before is set in 289 AD, by which time the Roman fleets were almost entirely smaller bireme Liburnians.  So I’ve embarked on a ship building program to expand the repertoire a little for future games.  One of the scenarios in the rulebook is a convoy escort and I’m doing a number of merchant vessels for that game.  The first one out of the shipyards is this Corbita, a Roman grain ship.

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Gridiron mayhem

It was just Ken and I available for the usual Friday night game, so we decided to play Blood Bowl. This time out Ken decided to break in the newly painted Chaos Pact team while I took a break from playing the Dark Elves and field the Orcs

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