Way back in the day when I lived in Texas, a couple of us there got a few Vikings with the idea of forming some warbands for playing Pig Wars.   I had ordered 16 Gripping Beast Vikings, however I only got one model painted before the move and the rest have sat in the unpainted bin since then.  However, on the recent drive to Fall In!, Bob and I got to talking about doing some Dark Ages gaming and Bob already had a bunch of miniatures ready to go.  The final  jolt needed to jump start the project was the release of the Wargames Factory hard plastic Vikings.  Their sample pack of 8 Viking warriors for $5 offered a great opportunity to rapidly expand my collection.   Bob offered further incentive by offering to sell excess Old Glory Vikings from his unpainted lead pile for a ridiculously low price.   So Vikings moved straight to the front of the queue and I’ve gotten 26 painted in the last month (to go with the 1 I had before).  Twenty-four Wargames Factory Vikings are on the way as well.  Our group has already gotten in two games – one between Mik and Bob using Bob’s Clans and Companies rules and one between Bob, Tom, and myself using Pig Wars (report to follow soon).  Here are a few photos of some of the Vikings I’ve painted so far.  These are a mix of Gripping Beast and Old Glory figures.

Some of my Vikings form a 20 man warband for Pig Wars

Some of the shield patterns I’ve done so far

A Viking leader and double-handed axeman from Gripping Beast

Two unarmored Viking warriors from Gripping Beast

A pair of Gripping Beast berserkers.  The one on the right in the wolfskin was the first Viking painted – 4 years ago and 1000 miles away…

Two Old Glory Vikings, an unarmored warrior and an archer

Stay tuned for more Viking updates as the frenzy continues…


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One response to “Vikings”

  1. Mik says :

    Awesome! I hated missing out on last week’s game, but duty calls. Your warband is taking off impressively, I think my Vikings are about to move to the front of the queue as well. I also picked up one Reaper fig to represent my leader, a hulking 35mm of a man towering over my old school 25’s!

    I’ll keep my eyes peeled for that batrep…

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