Here Comes Santa Claus, Here Comes Santa Claus

Merry Christmas to everyone from the Repple Depple.

Hopefully Gamer Santa visited you all this year.  Here at the Cantwell residence, Gamer Santa brought me a whole scad of Dark Ages Irish from Crusader Miniatures.  I got one of each pack in the range (plus a couple of extra packs of mounted nobles), including the skirmishing women and kids.

This score was made possible by finding these minis on sale at FRP Games, with most packs of the Irish at 50% off.  The total is 56 foot (plus the women and kids) and 12 mounted, which will give me enough for almost 3 warband in Pig Wars plus an additional unit of mounted troops.   Hopefully I’ll have some of these ready for our next Dark Ages game.  I just need to find a good tutorial on hammering brass wire to make spearheads.  You have to supply your own spears for theses models.  I was planning to order a pack of spears from Gripping Beast, but they are closed for the holidays until Jan 4, and I am impatient…


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2 responses to “Here Comes Santa Claus, Here Comes Santa Claus”

  1. Andy says :

    I banged out the spears for my Foundry Zulu. It wasn’t hard at all. You need a hammer and a hard surface to strike against. The brass rod I had turned out to be fairly soft and it was pretty easy. Then I just shaped them against a sander or grinder. If you don’t have anything appropriate, you can come over and do it at my house.

  2. Mik says :

    Nice score on the figs!

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