Repple Depple moving to a new front

In case anyone actually wonders why I haven’t posted anything in a bit, things have been a little hectic.  My wife recently got a faculty position at Shenandoah University in Winchester, VA, so the Cantwell family is packing up and moving north.

So I’ve spent lots of time the last few weeks working on our house to get it ready to sell.  The work paid off though, as we sold the house in 9 days with minimal fuss and bother.  In today’s market, selling the house was our biggest concern in moving, so that was a huge relief.  We’ve been up to Winchester and found a house for the next year and a new pre-school for my daughter, so everything is going smoothly.  Our house-hunting trip did force me to miss Historicon this year, but I’ll be much closer in the future, so should be able to make the HMGS conventions a staple, starting with Fall In! this October.

Of course, I checked out the local gaming scene as soon as I knew we were going and it looks like there will be some excellent opportunity, primarily at Your Hobby Place in nearby Martinsburg, WV.  If you are in that area, feel free to drop me a line.

Finally, the crew here in Knoxville are having a grand going-away game day, which we’ve christened BrianCon.   The slate includes the premier of the early war collection using the Piquet Field of Battle: WWII rules, an Egypt-Libya encounter for CY6! Jet Age, and a Pig Wars game.   Look for photos and game reports sometime in the future…


3 responses to “Repple Depple moving to a new front”

  1. Joe says :

    Well Winchester is about 3 hours from Richmond …. decent group of FOW gamers here. Welcome to the state !

  2. Steven MacLauchlan says :

    Came here to say what Joe said. I’d love to have you over for a gaming day! I *did* initially steal your blog layout after all 🙂

    • Brian says :


      I was trying to remember where in VA you were located. We just might be able to get together for a game sometime. My wife’s mother is from Richmond and my wife spent a summer there as a page to the General Assembly, so they are frequently talking about making a trip over there. If they do, maybe I can sneak out for a quick game or something.

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