Fall is Football Season

If you are from Texas (or most of the south for that matter), fall means one thing – Football!  Yes, the time of Friday Night Lights, the NFL, and the weekly disappointment that is Texas Aggies football.  Sounds like the perfect time to play some Blood Bowl!

When I went up to play the Blitzkrieg FOW game, some others were playing Blood Bowl and said they were forming a league, so I signed up.   Not only do I enjoy the game, but I found it appealing to spend some time painting things that were not brown, green, and grey.

The first week was another week of warm up games, after which I decided to play using my Dark Elf team.  I had played the Dark Elves in the short-lived league in Knoxville and had been having a lot of fun with them and wanted to see how they’d do if I actually got to play a whole season.  For this version, named Malice Aforethought, I decided to forgo getting the Witch Elf right away and get all four Blitzers and a Runner, backed up by a half dozen linemen.   That left me with enough money for just a couple of re-rolls and zero Fan Factor.   The rest of the league consists of a pair of Human teams, a very bashy Orc team, a more balanced Orc team, a Chaos team, and a Necromantic team.  A pretty bashy lot, although neither of the Human teams was initially configured as particularly bashing squads.  I’d definitely have to think survival first until I had gotten some skills to allow me to stand up to some of those brutes.

Game One:

The Bloodweiser Blood Bowl League kicked off the league’s first week at Your Hobby Place (actually a couple of the guys kicked off the league a couple of days before…) with three matches.  I Joe’s Chaos team, the Blood Goats.  Joe had a Minotaur, a couple of Chaos Warriors, and filled out with Beastmen.  As is sometimes the case, the Minotaur was frequently a great player for my team in this game, often failing his Wild Animal roll and using up Joe’s Blitz for the turn.  The Dark Elves were also doing a lot of hitting on this night and in the first half, I kept Joe’s dug out well stocked with knocked out and injured Beastmen.   the combination allowed me to score two first half touchdowns.  In the second half, Joe came back and stared to knock out Elves right and left to score a TD of his own, but was not able to get the equalizer and I won the game 2-1.  Joe’s beastmen are made using the plastic GW beastmen, but with GW orc arms.  This gives them a really nice top-heavy knuckle-dragger kind of look that is perfect.  For this game his Chaos Warriors hadn’t arrived so he had a couple of black primed fantasy figs standing in – but a couple of times overlooked them and forgot to move them!  After the game, the Malice squad picked up a Dodge skill for one of the Blitzers and enough cash to spring for the much needed Apothecary.

In other action, Da Orcs (the bashy ones) defeated the Necromanics 3-0 and the Marienburg Maulers defeated the Nu Orc Gitz 3-0.  The Marienburg team had won the earlier game 3-0 as well and so jumped out to an early lead in wins and team experience.

Game Two:

Game two found the Malice Aforethought team paiured against Jim’s orc squad, the Nu Orc Gitz.  Jim’s team is a ‘balanced’ Orc team with a couple of Black Orcs, a couple of Blitzers, a couple of Throwers, and a Goblin.  Unfortunately for him, one of his Black Orc Blockers was injured and had to sit out this game.  The weather for this game was pouring rain, hampering most ball-handling attempts.   The Dark Elves received the initial kick off and drove up the sideline for a quick 2-turn score.   After kicking to the Orcs, I adopted an aggressive defense, pushing my blitzers into the backfield and trying to get the ball carrier before he could protect him with a wall of orcs.   This worked well and I was able to tack on a score in the first half and another early in the second half.  Jim’s orcs had been stacking up Elves in the wounded and KO’s boxes though and for the next drive I was only able to set up 8 players and soon even that number was reduced.  The Elves conducted a stingy withdrawal though and were just able to keep the orcs out of the end zone.   After the game another Blitzer was able to get Dodge, but also suffered a frectured skull so will miss the next game (along with 3 linemen) and suffers a permanent -1 AV.  I faioled to follow one of my own rules in this game and wasted my Apothecary on a mere lineman, so didn’t have him available when the more important Blitzer got hurt.  I’ll not make that mistake again.  The Malice team also scooped up another 60,000 gp for the match so are well on the way to hiring that Witch Elf.

In other Action Da Orcs defeated the Marienburg Maulers 2-0 and the Blood Goats and Necromaniacs fought to a 1-1 draw.

The plan for the league is to play 10-12 weeks of open format, followed by a tournament featuring the top four teams.  Teams will be seeded according to win percentage time team value.  After two games the Malice Aforethought are doing well with a 100% win percentage, probably good for second place as the spate of injuries suffered in the last game have reduced the team value a tad.  However, I’ve yet to play against Dave’s bashy orcs, who’s wall of 5 players with ST 4 create definite problems for me nor against Michael’s Necromantic team, which creates a different set of problems by having a core of players as fast or faster than my own.

In addition to getting in some games, I’ve been doing some Blood Bowl painting as well.  I finished off an assassin I had lying around for my Dark Elves.  It’s a miniature from Reaper, but fits in well enough with my elves.  I also started work on some Star Players to accompany my Dark Elf team.  The first one finished is Roxanna Darknail, a leaping Witch Elf.   I had this Dark Elf miniature from Ral Partha that I had picked up long ago to go with some Chainmail minis (the metal ones – I said it was a while ago).  When I traded/gave away all of those fantasy figs I held onto this one specifically with the idea of using it as Roxanna.  The model is up off the ground a tad and the hair is blowing up, as if landing from a leap and to top it off, the fingers of the right hand end in metal claw/nails.  I like the way the figure turned out.  I have purchased an old 2nd edition Elf Lineman from EBay with the intention to paint it up to use as Eldril Sidewinder and shelled out a bunch of sheckels to get the actual Hubris Rakarth mini from GW, since most companies do not make a miniature well suited to be an 8′ tall Dark Elf.  Hopefully my team value will stay above the rest of the league and I will not need these guys, but they will be nice to have in the collection anyway.

I also took some time to work on my scoreboard.  I had crafted this back in Knoxville and had originally used small half-dome clear “gems” from Hobby Lobby to indicate the turn and re-rolls.  These looked sort of like scoreboard lights, but in practice were just too small to easily manipulate.  The “lights” were held to the scoreboard using rare earth magnets and the small markers were just too hard to put on and off and prone to sticking to each other.  So I replaced those with some larger wooden balls painted in bright colors.  These are much easier to manipulate and don’t tend to stick together as easily, so work nicely.  In addition to the cool factor, I like the scoreboard because if I use the counters ans tracks on the dugout, I tend to knock them around all of the time.  Of course, I made custom signs for each of the teams in the league using some spare sheet magnet.  Aren’t magnets just great.

Finally, I painted up my Nobbla Blackwart.  I thought someone else in the league might be able to use him, but after I finished I looked again and none of the teams in our league can hire that particular Goblin…    He’ll be useful when I get my Ogre team finished.

Speaking of which, the Ogres are currently being finished off and I have started on the Amazons as well.  I’ll be sure to show some photos when they are finished.


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  1. Mik says :

    And here I sit on eight complete teams…and not a drop tho drink.

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