Blood Bowl League Update

A quick update on our Blood Bowl League.   League play continues and the Malice Aforethought team has now racked up 4 wins, no losses, and three ties and sits tied for the league lead with Da Orcs.  No pictures to show though 😦

I’ve updated the team page to show the latest development of the team.  The most amazing thing about this team has been the post game winnings.  Basically, I’ve rolled a 5 or 6 (on d6) after every single game, which has allowed me to fill out the roster with the two Witch Elves.  Unfortunately, that has been accompanied by a couple of deaths in the ranks of the linemen, so I still have no reserve player and remain painfully vulnerable to injuries.  The position players are coming along nicely in terms of skill developement and I’ve been able (or forced?) to spread the TD’s around.  Only a couple of linemen have gotten a skill though and no doubles on a lineman or blitzer suitable to add guard, which I sorely need.


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3 responses to “Blood Bowl League Update”

  1. justo perez says :

    Last year Tony Rocha ran a small tourney at MAG-Con but this year he will be out of town… Perhaps you could take up the banner and run the tourney again at MAG-Con II.

    If interested, please visit

    I love BB but rarely get a chance to play with so many other games crowding my gaming time.

  2. Mik says :

    I miss me some Blood Bowl, are you guys using the latest edition of the living rulebook? Any big changes?

    You know, it occurs to me that you and I never actually played a match together did we?

    • Brian says :


      We are using the latest rules (available at the GW site) and there seem to be only a few minor differences between this and LRB5. A few wording changes to a couple of skills, a couple of inducement changes, and a few roster tweaks.

      We never did get to play a game of Blood Bowl. we’ll definitely have to remedy that some day.

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