The Cheese

A while back I did up a Blood Bowl Skaven team for one of the guys in our Blood Bowl league.  He had wanted them done in colors of the Green Bay Packers (this was even before the Super Bowl).  So I whipped these guys together.  I thought they came out pretty well for a rather quick job.  As soon as he saw the pics, Doug immediately named them “The Cheese”.


Gutter Runners



More Linerats


6 responses to “The Cheese”

  1. Andy says :

    Nicely done! GO SKAVEN!!

  2. Mik says :

    I like the white-furred thrower especially but the whole team looks rather great. Kudos…

  3. Brian says :

    I thought the albino rat turned out great. What the team needs now is a Rat Ogre painted in white as well … Pinky and The Brain!

  4. Mik says :

    Yeah, but where are they going to find a wheel of cheese that big this time of day?

  5. Paul of the Man Cave says :

    GREAT team! I love my Skaven team and have played them for over 20 years now. I love these bright colours, which are very different to mine in purple and greens (pics at my blog if you are interested) – best wishes to Doug for taking out the CHEEZE-BOWL!

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