Good Things Come to Those Who… Paint.

A while back the folks over at Wargames Factory announced an online contest looking for painted samples of their minis.  The contest offered a substantial prize  package with 5 levels of awards (from $100 to $20) in each of their product ranges.  As I was trying to get my Vikings finished, I put a little effort into the last of my Wargames Factory minis and did my best to take some good photos of them – which is usually my weakest link in sharing my painting efforts. 

Of course, being me the images were not sent in until the 11th hour, but at least that limited the time until the awards were announced 🙂  When the winners were announced, I was stoked to see I had won third prize in the Dark Ages category for this group of Viking Huscarls.

The third place prize was $60 in merchandise from Wargames Factory, which I used to pick up the bulk of an Anglo-Saxon or Anglo-Danish warband.  I got one box of 32 Unarmored Fyrd and two boxes of Armored Thegns.  There are 32 miniatures in each box, so that’s 96 Anglo-Saxon types for painting some figures I needed to do anyway.  Score.  My plan is to do one group of Thegns with some kite shields, later style helmets, and two-handed axes to use as Anglo-Danes and another  group with older style helmets and round shields to be earlier Anglo-Saxons.  The Fyrd will be outfitted with round shields to serve either group – it’s not like they were up on the latest gear from the continent anyway.  If a round shield was good enough for Grandfather Aethelson…

Wargames Factory had a tough time the last couple of years and some are quick to cast dispersions on their minis (especially in terms of the posing of the multipart figs), but I find that with a little care during assembly they make nice figures.  For guys like me that collect large forces for each side to do scenario games, the price makes them a nice alternative.  They are an even nicer alternative when they are free!

The grand plan is to eventually bring these up to the level of my Irish and Vikings – enough figures to do about 3 units for Pig Wars or 2-3 Saga bands.  That will allow me to use them in a dark ages scenario for about 6 players.  To make that happen I’ll really need very little in the way of additional minis.  I’ll really only need to pick up a dozen or so archers and/or slingers and a few models to serve as warband leaders.


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3 responses to “Good Things Come to Those Who… Paint.”

  1. Paul of the Man Cave says :

    Man I should have entered that…

    …but I don’t need any more Viking figs so I’m glad to see that you have won them instead, and that they have gone to a good home!

  2. Brian says :

    I didn’t need any more Vikings, but was more than happy to have some Anglo-Saxons.

    With a separate contest category for each of their product lines and 5 prize in each, this definitely seemed like a contest worth entering.

  3. Mik says :

    Hey, congrats! That’s an impressive loot haul for third place too, kudos! I didn’t know about the contest or I might’ve painted up and thrown in some Shock Troops.

    Who are we kidding…nah!

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