Saga – Things to Fight Over

One of the more interesting looking of the generic scenarios in the Saga rules is The Escort, in which one force is attempting to escort a train of valuables to safety.  The rules provide some very loose guidelines for the baggage elements in terms of size, but after that, it’s up to the imagination of the gamer as to what he wants to include.  Over the years I had collected a few Gripping Beast monks to appear as civilians (or fighters)  in games.  Not long after getting Saga, I ordered a horse and cart and a couple of pack ponies from Gripping Beast, but hadn’t gotten around to putting them together and getting them painted.  The final piece of the puzzle was some Dark Ages pigs (again from Gripping Beast) that I had picked up at Historicon.

I wanted to put on the escort scenario, so hustled these different bits to the front of the painting line and cranked out some baggage elements.  However, I also wanted to be able to use most of these elements as table decoration or in scenarios, so decided to make my baggage elements as sabot bases that had slots for the animals and for a figure to be leading/herding the pigs, ponies, etc.  Having a drill press and a nice set of Forstner bits made short work of assembling the bases themselves.  The bottom layer is magnetic sheet to anchor the figures in place (which are all based on washers).

I’m really happy with how these turned out.  The figure bases blend easily into the sabot bases and look great on the tabletop.  It also gives me great versatility.  The pigs (aka Loot on the hoof) and horses can placed into a pen in one game or used on the bases for the escort game.  The empty space for a figure allows your to place a civilian or extra warrior on the base and have the same figures available for any army.  Look for a report on The Escort game coming soon.


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4 responses to “Saga – Things to Fight Over”

  1. Andy says :

    Very nice. I love forstner bits, I had been thinking about making skirmish bases similar to this using them. I especially like the pigs, and the monks with their relics. Obviously, my warlord needs those relics to use for his eventual yet inevitable coronation as king!

    • Brian says :

      I was planning to also make some movement bases as well. I learned a thing or two making these. I’m pretty sure I can make them much cheaper than I can buy them, assuming I can even find movement bases that exactly fit my bases.

  2. Rodger says :

    These are awesome. I have used this same basing system with my WW1 guys. Works well and the bases can be used for other periods as well.

  3. Mik says :

    These bases are hot. End of story. I want some but I don’t even know for what figs or system. Hot!

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