Saga Normans

Since I’ve resuscitated the blog might as well keep going with an eye-candy post of my Normans for Saga.  These are a mix of Conquest Games plastic Normans, Crusader, and Gripping Beast.  This is a nice force for Saga as the same troops can be used as Normans, Capetian Franks, or as Crusaders from Crescent and Cross.  I have been reading a good bit of the fascinating history of the Normans in Italy, so decided to give these a more arid basing scheme (which works well when fielding them as Crusaders as well).

First up is the warlord, Baron de Conteville. This is a figure from the Crusader mounted command pack.

The warlord’s shield is based on the Cantwell family coat of arms. The Cantwell family name is Irish by way of the invading Anglo-Normans, appearing among the Irish invaders as de Conteville. The effigy of Thomas de Cantwell is a prominent landmark in Kilfane, Ireland.

Next up are de Conteville’s picked household troops. These are a mix of armored figures from the Conquest Miniatures plastic Norman Cavalry box and Crusader armored cavalry. In Saga terms, these will be my mounted hearthguard and the primary punch for the warband.

Accompanying the miles are the sergens – sergeants – a body of paid warriors employed by the Baron. These are a mix of unarmored figures from the Conquest Miniatures plastic Norman Cavalry box and Crusader unarmored cavalry. In Saga, these are a unit of mounted warriors.

The warband is accompanied by a couple of units of missile troops.
A band of sergeants with crossbows. These models are by Gripping beast.

A band of levy archers. These models are also Gripping Beast miniatures.

Finally, since the Norman battleboard does very little to support melee infantry, I opted to instead paint up a unit of Flemish Infantry. In Saga, these are a mercenary unit that is slow but really tough. These are made using 8 of the 10 chain mail armored models that come in the Conquest Games Norman infantry box (the other two were made into Andlo-Danish Huscarls)

The Frankish and Crusader battleboards are friendlier toward the humble spearman, so I have painted a unit of Norman spearmen, but don’t have a picture. I’ll rememdy that and edit it in here.

I still have another 4 armored cavalry and a few unarmored cavalry that I can paint up. I also have about 20 or so of the unarmoed Norman infantry I will paint up at some point. I keep thinking of getting another box of the Conquest Miniatures cavalry as I think that would combine with what I have leftover give me the models to make another unit of mounted warriors, two more units of mounted hearthguard, and perhaps a leader, standard bearer, or mounted priest or two.  All of the ranges I have used also make a variety of leaders, characters, banner bearers, and other specialty figures that would make great additions.  Conquest makes a couple of packs of resin bits to give their knights a more Southern Italy look.  The Perry Miniatures 1st crusader line would also be a good source of some additional variety for this force.



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  1. Barks says :

    Looking good! Very inspiring.

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