Who is this Cantwell guy anyway?


Welcome to the Repple Depple. I’m a research biologist by trade, with a PhD in Microbiology from Texas A&M University, where I also graduated with my undergraduate degree (Class of ’90, whoop!). I’m currently living in Winchester, VA, and work for the American Type Culture Collection in Manassas, VA.

I’ve been a miniatures gamer for many, many years and a history buff for even longer than that.  I will play just about miniatures game at least  once and enjoy many periods and games that I don’t have time or money to collect extensive forces myself. I also enjoy painting miniatures, writing scenarios, making terrain, and all the other ancillary activities associated with miniatures wargames.

Take a look about and feel free to leave a comment or two.  You can also reach me by email.

Brian Cantwell


8 responses to “Who is this Cantwell guy anyway?”

  1. Steven says :

    Hey Brian, this is Steven (indierockclimber- we played a game together at a tournament in MD a while back now).

    This blog is sweet. Flames of War and CY6! writeups are great. I think you’ve inspired me to start an AAR blog of my own 🙂

  2. Brian says :


    Glad you are enjoying the blog, but I don’t know that we’ve ever met! I don’t recall ever playing a tournament in MD 🙂 But I will be in Bethesda next month of a conference…

  3. Steven says :

    Oh crap, I just realized I had you confused for BCorpsWriter! Either way, though I know you from the FOW forums, your page has been a huge inspiration on our recent dive into Check Your Six!

    And here is my blog as promised: http://indierockclimber.blogspot.com I unashamedly mimiced your layout, sorry 🙂

  4. Mike says :

    Great blog, mate. PS: Twonky shoots you from across the board and locks your first register. D’OH!

  5. Valterius Caesar Emperor of Birminghammia says :

    If Goodness were a tire, this blog would be a big giant farm tractor tire, not a little spare-tire miniature tire. Its goodness is large.

  6. Bill Rogers says :

    This is Bill Rogers. I gamed in the College Station Historical Gamers Group at College Station. I am in New Hampshire now. Glad to see you graduate with you doctorate. Give me a shout back at the email below:


  7. Geek Ken says :

    Hee, Brian!

    Ken Widmer here. I occasionally stumbled in for a few games back in College Station 2002-2007. Glad to see you got your doctorate and are doing all right. I’m rather envious you are still into the miniature wargaming and glad to see you are still showing your passion for the hobby.

    Currently in south korea so I’ve had to put my mini wargaming on the back burner for a while. I’ve found out there are a few groups that play Flames of War in the country, but nothing in my city. It is a sad time for my geek love of WWII.

  8. Lloyd says :

    Brian, I see you’re playing Salamis ad Actium and Roman Seas. I’ve played Roman Seas and am wondering what is different about Salamis ad Actium? Thanks Lloyd

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