Bloodweiser Blood Bowl League

A Blood Bowl League in the northern Shenandoah Valley and based at Your Hobby Place in Martinsburg, WV.


Team Race Win Lose Draw Value Adjusted Value
Da Orcs
Orc 4 0 3 1480000 1055000
Malice Aforethought
Dark Elf
4 0 3 1430000 1019000
Marienburg Maulers
Human 2 2 1 1170000 682000
Blood Goats
Beastmen 0 1 3 1140000 283000
Necromaniacs Necromantic 0 1 1 1030000 170000
Nu’ Orc Gitz
Orc 0 2 1 1030000 113000
Bombay Bombadiers
Human 0 2 0 1020000 0

Malice Aforethought

Dark Elves

Record: 4-0-3  (win-loss-tie)

Current Roster

Name Position Skills INJ CP TD INT CAS MVP SPP Value
Ohjae Stunsome Blitzer Block 1 3 100000
Plaxiko Duress Blitzer Block, Dodge, Strip Ball 2 3 2 22 140000
Ugueth Erbina Blitzer Block, Dodge, -1 AV, Side Step 2 2 2 1 20 140000
Mihk Tiison Blitzer Block, Dauntless 2 2 8 120000
Mae Khalveek Runner Dump-Off, +1 AG MNG 3 3 1 14 120000
Vallance Jupp Lineman Dodge 1 1 6 90000
Leslhee Hitten Lineman 3 3 70000
Jos Verstrappen Lineman Kick 3 2 13 90000
Bertand Gachot Lineman 70000
Meeya Harm Witch Elf Dodge, Frenzy, Jump Up, Mighty Blow 2 6 140000
Tonya Hurting Witch Elf Dodge, Frenzy, Jump Up, Wrestle 1 1 1 1 11 130000
Plhees Hetme Journeyman Loner 70000
Kriss Mhasson Lineman KIA 1 2
Rubin Katar Lineman KIA 1 1

3 Re-rolls, 5 Fan Factor,1 Cheerleader, 1 Assistant Coach, 1 Apothecary

60000 gp in the treasury

Season 1 Recap

Game One:   Malice Aforethought 2, Blood Goats 1.

The Blood Goats, a Chaos team, featured a Minotaur and in this game suffered the drawbacks of relying on a Wild Animal, as the Minotaur frequently failed to act in the first half, which coupled with a run of Beastmen sent off the pitch, allowed the Dark Elves to run up a couple of quick scores.  The Goats rallied for a second half touchdown, but could not come up with the equalizer.  The winnings were enough to add a team Apothecary and Blitzer Plaxiko Duress picked up the Dodge skill.

Game Two:  Malice Aforethought 3, Nu Orc Gitz 0.

The Gitz were without one of their Black Orc Blockers for this game and forced to play in pouring rain to boot.  The Dark Elves took the opening kickoff in for a quick score and then used an aggressive defense to attack the orc ball cariiers in their backfield before they could form a protective cage.  This (and a little luck) enabled me to pry the ball from the Orcs twice to bring the score to 3-0 early in the second half.  However, the orcs had been putting the hurt on my team and the casualty box filled up.  Despite being down to only 6 players on the field at the end, the defense held and the Gitz remnained scoreless.  Blitzer Ugueth Erbina gained the Dodge skill, but also suffered a cracked skull and will miss the next game and endure a permanent -1 AV.  Three other linemen (including the match MVP) will also be out for the next match.

Game Three:  Malice Aforethought 2, Necromaniacs 1.

Game 3 was against the Necromaniacs, a Necromantic team with a couple of werewolves and a couple of flesh golems.  A pretty tough match up for the elves at that stage as the werewolves and ghouls are fast enough to match my pace while the flesh golems are stronger than me and impossible to move out of the way.  Fortunately I was able to score early and then later in the game Sweltering Heat cost him many of this players for a drive and I was able to get the ball from him and score a second TD,  Mike came back for a TD late, but a win for my dark elves.

Game Four:  Malice Aforethought 1, Da Orcs 1

Game Five:  Malice Aforethought 1, Da Orcs 1

I next played a double header against Dave’s orc squad, Da Orcs.  Dave has these guys configured for maximum bashing and these were two hard fought, grueling games.  In each case I was able to score one TD and delay him long enought to keep him from scoring in the first half, but could not get the ball out of his cage and keep him from scoring in the second half, leading to two 1-1 draws.  Great games.

Game Six:  Malice Aforethought 4, Marienburg Maulers 0

Took on the Marienburg Maulers and had one of those “great dice” games where my rolls succeeded and my opponent’s rolls bombed.  I was able to get the ball from him several times and ran up the score to 4-0.  Both sides were knocking the other’s players out of the game and the TD’s and casualties really helped to propel the team development along.

Game Seven:  Malice Aforethought 1, Nu Orc Gitz 1

Took on Jim’s Nu Orc Gitz for the second time and found that Jim had definitely improved his play.  I was able to score the first TD as usual and successfully delayed him from scoring in the first half.  In the second half I was doing a pretty good job of kncking the ball loose, but never got a favorable bounce so that I could recover the ball and go back onto the offense.  Jim was steadily knocking out my players and by the end I was reduced to only 4 players on the field and Jim was able to push across the tying score.  A missed opportunity as arch-rival Da Orcs had their hands full just securing a tie against the Blood Goats, but Jim played a great game, so props to him.

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