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Vyazma or Bust with Battlegroup: Barbarossa

“You can take a picture of it [the dead KV-2] if you put it on your blog.  You haven’t put anything there in years”

The picture was snapped and so the challenge accepted.  After a 3-ish year hiatus, I am back with some accounts of our latest game.

Barbarossa cover

Last year at Historicon I  got a chance to try out the Battlegroup series of WWII rules from Ironfist Publishing.  I enjoyed the games a lot and so brought the rules home for the group to try, where they have also been a hit.  I’ll let others provide a review, but we have really enjoyed these as they move fast, have enough command uncertainty, and create historically reasonable outcomes.

For our latest venture we have been playing the Vyazma or Bust campaign written for IABSM and converting the scenarios to use with the Battlegroup: Barbarossa rules.  This campaign is set during the fall of 1941 as a part of the Barbarossa campaign.

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IABSM – Blenneville or Bust: Avaux

The second scenario of the IABSM Blenneville or Bust campaign featured an attack by the British against German positions near the fictitious town of Avaux.  We played this scenario way back in the spring, so details are sketchy at best, but it was a good, close run game.  As with the previous installment of the campaign, if you are planning to play the campaign and don’t want to know the particulars, consider this your official spoiler alert.

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Blood Bowl League Update

A quick update on our Blood Bowl League.   League play continues and the Malice Aforethought team has now racked up 4 wins, no losses, and three ties and sits tied for the league lead with Da Orcs.  No pictures to show though 😦

I’ve updated the team page to show the latest development of the team.  The most amazing thing about this team has been the post game winnings.  Basically, I’ve rolled a 5 or 6 (on d6) after every single game, which has allowed me to fill out the roster with the two Witch Elves.  Unfortunately, that has been accompanied by a couple of deaths in the ranks of the linemen, so I still have no reserve player and remain painfully vulnerable to injuries.  The position players are coming along nicely in terms of skill developement and I’ve been able (or forced?) to spread the TD’s around.  Only a couple of linemen have gotten a skill though and no doubles on a lineman or blitzer suitable to add guard, which I sorely need.

Fall is Football Season

If you are from Texas (or most of the south for that matter), fall means one thing – Football!  Yes, the time of Friday Night Lights, the NFL, and the weekly disappointment that is Texas Aggies football.  Sounds like the perfect time to play some Blood Bowl!

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KABBAL Game 4: Despoilers Defeat the Wood Elves 4-1

The Despoilers 4th game of the KABBAL season was against a wood elf team, the Panama Pagan Pounders.  This would be another chance for the Despoilers to dispense the lumps instead of taking them.  On the other hand, the wood elves are fast and capable of turning every mistake into a score, so you have to stay on your toes.  It was perfect weather for Blood Bowl and 27,000 fans showed up to watch the match.  Unfortunately, more of them were Pounders fans.

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KABBAL Game 3 – Despoilers v. Coldbloods match ends in 1-1 tie

My third KABBAL game was against Eric’s Lizardman team, the Coldbloods.    Eric’s lizardman team is a nicely painted squad converted from stock Warhammer Fantasy Battle lizardman.  I agree with almost everyone else that these minis look a lot better then the dedicated Blood Bowl lizardman team sold by GW.   This was Eric’s first league game, so he was playing with his starting roster of 4 Saurus and 7 skinks, supported by an apothecary and 4 re-rolls.  I was up about $100000 in team value, so Eric added a couple of Bloodwesier Babes to his sideline to help motivate his Knocked Out players back onto the field.

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KABBAL game 2 – Despoilers Defeat Hochland Harlots 3-2

I got in my second game in our Blood Bowl league last night, defeating Mike’s human team 3-2.   Mike’s Hochland Harlots were a nicely painted female human team built using Shadowforge minis, along with a GW Ogre for a little heavy hitting power.  After the first week, Mike’s team was the top rated team in the league, thanks in part to his having rolled a +1 Strength skill increase on one pf his blitzers.  Due to some injuries against the orcs, the Despoilers were playing without their runner and with a couple of journeymen signed off the practice squad.  I had some inducement money, so hired a wandering Apothecary to try and keep my players alive.

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