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This page contains a guide to links I find useful in terms of games I play, stuff mentioned on the site, and general interest

General Gaming Sites

The Miniatures Page – General miniatures gaming news and discussion site

Tabletop Gaming News – General miniatures gaming news and discussion site

Wargames at – General wargaming site with strong emphasis on WWII – their comparative reviews of similar figures from different manufacturers are great.

Blogs of War – Blog that collects wargaming blogs.

Gaming Blogs

Kampfgruppe 1/144 – Blog dedicate to news on 1/144th scale models

Mike’s Miniatures – Blog by my friend Mike, dealing mostly with Flames of War

Miniark – Blog by my friend Christian with some nice spreads of some of his ancients work

Panzergrenadier Kompanie Chuk – Blog from my friend Scott, formerly of Knoxville

Shermon Armory – Flames of War related blog from another Scott, now in sunny California

Tabletop Wargames Blog


Check Your 6!

Check Your 6! Web site

CY6! Yahoo group – great support for CY6! with scenarios, play aids, and answers to questions from the authors (as well as an extremely knowledgeable player base)

Flames of War

Official FOW Web Site – updated weekly, with new scenarios, unit briefings, and histories

Early War FOW Yahoo group – group dedicated to promoting FOW for the early war period (1939-1941)

Pacific Theater FOW Yahoo group – group dedicated to playing FOW in the pacific theater – briefings and organizations for PTO forces are available here

Fireball Forward!

Fireball Forward! Blog – Mark Fastoso, author of the excellent CY6! Guadalcanal campaign book is developing these rules and has this blog to inform and inquire during the development process.  I’ve played these a couple of times at conventions and they look very interesting

Pig Wars

TMP Pig Wars page – lists contact information to get a copy of the rules from Tod Kershner (alternately, just ask for him on the yahoo group)

Pig Wars Yahoo group – group for discussing the Pig Wars dark ages rules.  The rules author is a member and will answer questions promptly.

Roman Seas

Roman Seas Rules Web Site

Roman Seas Yahoo group – group frequented by author Eric Hotz

Might of Arms

Might of Arms Web Site

Blood Bowl

GW Specialist Games Web Site

Talk Fantasy Football forum

Blood Bowl Tactics

Miniatures Companies (as well as makers of terrain, accessories, etc.)

WWII (15mm)

Old Glory – Offering the Command Decision line packaged in bulk (3 vehicles or 50 infantry per pack).

Skytrex – Same models as the Old Glory 15mm line.  Follow the links to military models and 15mm Command Decision.  The packaging is different, but the Skytrex website has many more photos, allowing you to get a look at the Old Glory models.

Battlefront – link to the online store at the Flames of War site

Battle Honors / Quality Castings

Peter Pig

True North – currently being produced by Old Glory, but not on the Old Glory main site yet.  Link is for the Old Glory 25’s webstore site.  These are also available from Warweb.

Quick Reaction Force (QRF)

Eureka – produce a bunch of unique ranges and models (e.g. Wake Island defenders or Italian HMG motortrike)

Resistant Rooster

Legions East

Gaming Models – a range of resin models.  While definitely of ‘gamer quality’ the price is certainly right and he does produce a number of rare items.=

Roman Naval (6mm)

Roman Seas Paper Ship Models

Heroics and Rocs – recently sold by Navwar and now operating as an independent line.  Currently the listings are by download only, but the new owner plans to establish a better web presence soon.


Air Combat (6mm)

Scotia Collectair

Heroics and Rocs


Decals for WWII 6mm and 15mm models

I-94 Enterprises

Dom’s Decals

Dark Ages (28mm)

Old Glory

Gripping Beast


Wargames Factory

Blood Bowl (28mm)

Games Workshop Specialist Games


Roll Jordon

Gaspez Arts

Gaming Stores – Virtual and Otherwise

Warweb – home of the nearly perpetual 40% off sale on Old Glory 15mm WWII as well as frequent discounts on other lines

The War Store – great service and a variety of products

Great Hall Games – great gaming store in Austin, TX which also does internet sales of a number of miniature lines

Organized Play – Game store in downtown Knoxville

Gaming Clubs

Tenn Soldiers – Website and forum for promoting miniatures gaming in Eastern Tennessee.  Mostly devoted to GW games at the moment

Steel City Crucible – Gaming group in Birmingham, Alabama

Lone Star Historical Miniatures – Collection of gaming groups across Texas

HMGS East – Nations largest historical miniatures organization, host of the Big 3 east coast wargaming conventions (Cold Wars, Historicon, and Fall In!), and the top-rated soap opera in miniatures gaming

HMGS Mid-South – Historical miniatures gaming in the SE United States.  Web SiteNews Blog

Houston Beer and Pretzels Wargaming – Gaming group formed by some of my good friends in the Houston, TX area.


Cold Wars, Historicon, and Fall In! – HMGS East conventions.  Easily the biggest historical miniatures conventions in the US with Historicon having around 4000 attendees and ~700 games over 4 days.   Typically held in SE Pennsylvania (Lancaster, Gettysburg, Valley Forge)

Millennium – Annual convention hosted by Lone Star Historical Miniatures near Austin, TX

Nashcon – HMGS Mid-South Memorial Day convention in Nashville, TN

Siege of Augusta – Winter convention hosted by HMGS Mid-South in Augusta, GA

Spring Fever and Southern Front – spring and fall conventions hosted by the Triangle Simulation Society in the Raleigh, NC area

History and Reference

TOE’s and OOBs

The Nafziger Collection – George Nafziger donated his entire collection of OOB and TOE documents to the US Army for public use.  An amazing gift and fantastic resoource for gamers.

Bayonet Strength – many TOEs for battalion organization during WWII.

WWII Armed Forces – Organization and Orders of Battle


Air Combat

Air Combat Information Group Journal – ACIG maintains an extensive database of articles covering air combat since WWII.

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