Barrage 2013

On Saturday I made the trip to the HAWKS annual one-day mini con, BarrageI know the HAWKS from games at the HMGS cons (as well as knowing Buck Surdu for a long time), so was expecting a quality event and I weas not disappointed.  It was a great time and well worth the two hour drive over and back.

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IABSM – Blenneville or Bust: Avaux

The second scenario of the IABSM Blenneville or Bust campaign featured an attack by the British against German positions near the fictitious town of Avaux.  We played this scenario way back in the spring, so details are sketchy at best, but it was a good, close run game.  As with the previous installment of the campaign, if you are planning to play the campaign and don’t want to know the particulars, consider this your official spoiler alert.

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Roman Ships Going to Barrage Gaming Day

The Harford Area Weekly Kriegspielers (HAWKS) are hosting their annual gaming day, Barrage, on September 14 this year in Havre de Grace, MD. The HAWKS are a great bunch of guys and put on a host of very entertaining and visually impressive games at the HMGS conventions each year.  This years games run the gamut from ancients to sci-fi and include a number of kid friendly games.

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Trouble at T’Mill – Happy Birthday Give Away

Mike at the Trouble at T’Mill blog turned 50 recently and to celebrate, he’s giving some lucky reader a gift certificate for £25 worth of Two fat Lardies stuff.  Mike’s blog has a lot of great content, especially for those interested in TFL games.

Stop by and wish Mike a Happy Half Century and maybe you’ll win some free goodies.  After all, gamers love free stuff.

IABSM – Blenneville or Bust: West of Pierrecourt

We recently decided that a campaign would be fun, so I picked up the Blenneville or Bust campaign from Two Fat Lardies written by Robert Avery.  This is a fictional campaign set in a valley in Normandy immediately following the landings.  The first game of the campaign involves an American reconnaissance effort.

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Saga – The Escort

This Saga game took place a while ago (well before the IABSM game in the last post) so I’m not going to try and dredge up the particulars from my addled brain, but I’ll hit the high points.  For this one, we broke out the newly painted pigs, carts, and ponies and played The Escort, one of the scenarios in the Saga rulebook, with the Irish warlords serving to help the local monastery bring in supplies provided by their flock in the countryside.   On the other side, a band of Vikings looks to score some quick loot and maybe knock a priest or two on the head in the name of Odin.

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IABSM: Action at Anzio

StuG IIIGs move past abandoned British entrenchments to support the assault

After a long lull, we recently got in another game of IABSM 3 using a scenario from the “Anzio, From Wildcat to Whale” book by Robert Avery.  This game was set during the German counterattacks that took place once the allies had exhausted themselves trying to break the German perimeter.  Apologies for the few and crappy pictures – I forgot the camera and just had my phone… plus the game was a good one  and I forgot to take many pictures.

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