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A Leader of Men

I recently picked up a copy of A Leader of Men from TFP Games in Australia after seeing an ad on The Miniatures Page. I checked out Gordon’s sample pages and game reports on the webpage and saw that the game uses a random card activation turn sequence but has a few interesting twists on that theme that raised my interest. I normally don’t particularly care for unit-by-unit activation since it tends to drag in a multiplayer setting and leave most of your players sitting about while one player does stuff, but ALoM offered some interesting ideas that I thought might alleviate some of those issues, so I decided to give it a try.

The rules are currently available in PDF format only, although I think there are plans for a print version. They run 116 pages with good illustrations and examples throughout. Included are a number of scenarios, extensive data tables, and some example unit organizations. There are some typos and unclear places in the early versions, but Gordon maintains a yahoogroup and is sorting these out and has mailed out replacement pages for any that he has corrected.

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