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Games for Historicon 2017

Which way to Historicon?

Which way to Historicon?

The countdown to Historicon continues and I’m still painting 3mm guys at every opportunity.  Stay tuned for more photos of the latest progress.

In the meantime, below are the blurbs for my games from the PEL, as well as those of some buddies of mine.  Online registration for Historicon continues through June 16, so you still have time to get signed up for any of these great games or others.

Friday, 6 PM, F-541
Saturday, 9 AM, S-542

Today Capuzzo, Tomorrow Tobruk. Operation Battleaxe , June 1941

Theme World War II; 6 PM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Brian Cantwell; Scale: 1/600; Rules: Field of Battle World War II; Sponsor: Picoarmor; Prize: Prizes provided by Picoarmor (www.picoarmor.com); No. of Players: 6. With the disappointment of Operation Brevity and the arrival of the Tiger convoy, Churchill has pressured Wavell to launch his next offensive, despite minimal time for the crews to train on their newly arrived tanks. Can superior numbers, British spirit, and the Queen of the Desert carry the day and open the way to Tobruk or will the Desert Fox once again steal victory using daring and his last fuel reserve? Maneuver battalions and brigades in this division scale game of Operation Battleaxe. No experience needed, rules will be taught. Young gamers welcome with supervising adult.

Saturday, 1 PM, S-499

Operation Brevity: May, 1941

Theme World War II; 1 PM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Brian Lipscomb; Scale: 15mm; Rules: Battlegroup; No. of Players: 6. With Tobruk besieged, the British plan to push across the Libyan border and seize key positions in preparation for larger operations meant to relieve the port. This game focuses on the British drive against “weak” Axis forces holding Halfaya Pass and Fort Capuzzo. For the Axis, surprisingly determined Italians and ample Panzers mean that British hopes for a decisive victory may be overly optimistic. The new Battlegroup: Tobruk rules will be used. Experienced or new Battlegroup players welcome.

I’ll be on hand to help out with Brian’s game as soon as I can get my own morning game packed up and put away.

Friday, 2 PM, F-234

CY6! – Marianas Turkey Shoot over Guam – June 19, 1944

World War II; 2 PM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Rob Wubbenhorst; Scale: 1/285; Rules: Check Your 6!; Sponsor: Fight’s On! & I-94 Enterprises; Prize: Fight’s On! goodies & Raiden 1/300 aircraft; No. of Players: 8. After a morning that witnessed the largest air battle in history, the surviving air groups of Ozawa’s airfleet head toward Guam and the safe haven of Orote Airfield. Will the afternoon sun help them to safely reach the airfield and re-group for another strike against the Saipan invasion fleet, or will the fighter directors of TF58 and the combat air patrol of Fighting Aces VF-15 pluck some more feathers in the Marianas Turkey Shoot?

Hope to see you there.



Historicon CY6-athon!

When it came time to register games for Historicon this year, I found myself in a bit of a pickle – I wanted to run a number of Check Your 6! games, but wasn’t sure what days I’d be able to make it to the convention.  However, I figured I’d at least be able to make it for Saturday, so signed up to run three Check Your 6! games back to back to back on Saturday.  We’ll see how my voice holds out through the entire day.  On the plus side, all of the games are on the same table, so I’ll only have to drag out my stuff one time.

Here are my games for this year’s con

S-585 – CY6! – Rude Insult – Port Moresby, New Guinea, 18 May 1942
Sat. 9 AM, 4 hrs, 6 players
GM: Brian Cantwell and Skirmish Campaigns
Sponsor: Fight’s On! Miniatures and I-94 Enterprises
WWII 1/300, Rules: Check Your 6!
Facing stiff opposition from the skilled Japanese pilots of the Tainan Air Group as well as their own balky aircraft, the young Americans of the
8th Fighter Group aggressively attacked at every opportunity. On this mission, future ace and flight leader Tommy Lynch scored his first
confirmed kill during a Betty raid against 12-Mile Strip.
Younger gamers welcome with supervising adult.

S-586 – CY6! – A Day of Firsts – Buna, New Guinea, 27 Dec 1942
Sat. 1 PM, 4 hrs, 6 players
GM: Brian Cantwell and Skirmish Campaigns
Sponsor: Fight’s On! Miniatures and I-94 Enterprises
WWII 1/300, Rules: Check Your 6!
Nine days after arriving in New Guinea, the Japanese Army Air Force’s 11th Sentai embarked on their first joint operation with JNAF units,
joining Zeros to escort Aichi D3A dive bombers attacking the newly established Allied airfield near Buna. The group had its first encounter with
two future foes: the P-38 Lightning and Richard Bong.
Younger gamers welcome with supervising adult.

S-587 – CY6! Jet Age, Arab Israeli – Turning the Tide – Sinai, 19 Oct 1973
Sat. 5 PM, 4 hrs, 5 players
GM: Brian Cantwell and Skirmish Campaigns
Sponsor: Fight’s On! Miniatures and Pico Armor
Modern 1/300, Rules: Check Your 6! – Jet Age
As the tide of the war turns against them, the Egyptian Air Force launches attacks against Israeli columns pushing west toward the Suez Canal
and Egypt. Two veteran Nesher pilots of the IAF’s 144 Squadron are vectored in to intercept EAF strike aircraft escorted by MiG-21s. Can skill
and superior missiles overcome the numerical superiority?
Younger gamers welcome with supervising adult.

Hope to see you in a couple of weeks.  If you enjoy the blog, feel free to stop by and say Hi.

Malta Milk Run

We are continuing to work our way through the Falcon of the Duce scenario book for Check Your 6! At the Sidi Rezegh game, Bob had brought out a couple of his Cant Z.1007 bombers to show off and they looked great, so we were eager to get them onto the table.    The Italians were getting an upgrade for this scenario, with the faster Macchi C.200 replacing the biplane CR-42s.  However, the armament didn’t go up and neither did the armor protection – both factors that would weigh in the game.  We also had a really full house for this game, with seven players including a CY6! newbie.  We added a couple of fighters to each side of the scenario to accommodate the crowd.

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Cy6! in the Med

After a couple of failed tries, we got on to the next scenario in the Falcon of the Duce scenario book for Check Your Six! This one featured the first appearance of the British Hurricane while the Italians were still flying the CR-42 biplane.  However, this game definitely pointed out one of the philosophies behind CY6!:  “It is the man, not the machine”

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CY6! – Hurricanes over Java

Last week we got together for the first Check Your 6! game we had played in a while.  Turnout was fairly low, so we broke out a scenario I had written that had a manageable number of aircraft for the three of us.  The scenario was set on Java just before the Japanese invasion.  Elements of RAF 605 Squadron, flying Hurricane IIBs, were patroling over the harbor at Tandjong Priok (part of modern day Jakarta) amid cloudy skies when elements of the Japanese 22nd Air Flotilla arrived escorting a C5M reconnaissance aircraft (allied code name Babs).  The Japanese were searching for the USS Houston and the HMS Perth, survivors of the Battle of the Java Sea.

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Skip Bombing at Wewak Harbor

Haven’t had a game report up here in a long while, not because we haven’t been playing games, but just a combination of busy, lazy, and constantly forgetting the camera.  Admittedly I could write reports without any pictures, but I like the eye candy.  However last Friday I did remember about halfway through the game, which was a Check Your 6! game based on an attack on Japanese shipping in Wewak harbor by the B-25s of the 38th Bombardment Group.

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Check Your 6! at Historicon

There is little doubt that Check Your 6! has become the dominant air combat game at Historicon.  There were many CY6! games covering all kinds of actions, from fighter scrums to 60+ plane B-17 raids on Berlin to jet combat over the Fauklands.  This year I made my contribution with two games, one based in New Guinea using my Come On, Charlie! scenario and a second brand new scenario set during the Continuation War between Finland and the Soviet Union.

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