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Historicon 2009

Historicon is coming up again soon, being held this year from July 16-19 in Lancaster, PA.   The Preliminary Event List has been released and it looks like another fun few days of wall-to-wall gaming.  I had some good fortune this year as  several games I was very interested in playing did not overlap with the games I’m running.

I’m offering three games again this year.

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Check Your Six! was on the plate again for our gaming group last night.   We had a good crowd of six players and were able to get in two games, one set in New Guinea and a second in the skies over Holland during Operation Market Garden.

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CY6! – The Beaufighters Got One

Bob had recently read “Fork Tailed Devil: The P-38” by Martin Caidin and had requested that the Lightning make an appearance for our next Check Your Six! game, so I wrote a couple of P-38 scenarios and we decided to do this scenario, based on a passage in that book by P-38 pilot Charles King.

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Check Your Six! – Come On, Charlie!

Last week I hosted another Check Your Six! game for the group here.  I had written a scenario a while back called Come On, Charlie based on an encounter I had read about between Zeros of the Tainan Air Group and Airacobras from the 39th Fighter Squadron and we finally got a chance to give it a try.

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Check Your Six – Spitfires Part II

Continuing with our Check your Six! Spitfire theme, after completing the Instrument of Attack scenario we had time and so set up another scenario I wrote that covers Luftwaffe attempts to destroy the Nijmegen brigdes during Operation Market Garden.  The Canadians were back in action in their Spitfires, this time flying patrols over the bridges.  The attacking Luftwaffe fighters consisted of a section of FW-190s carrying bombs.

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Check Your Six – Spitfires! Part I

While planning for our latest game of Check Your Six, one of the regulars in our group requested that we play a game with some “good planes”.  I had some of the 21st Century Toys 1/144th Spitfires in NW Europe markings that I had not used yet, so wrote a couple of scenarios to put these planes onto the table.  The Instrument of Attack scenario pitted Spitfires Mk IXs led by ace Johnnie Johnson against FW-190s and Bf-109s over France in August 1944.

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Check Your Six! – Continuation War

As mentioned in the previous article, I had picked up aircraft at Historicon to play the two Continuation War scenarios from the Check Your Six! rulebook. After getting the planes ready, we played these two scenarios last night and had a great time.

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