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Counterattack at Jandrain – IABSM game #2

The first I Ain’t Been Shot Mum! game was quite well received and the group was eager for another action.  One of the players requested more tanks, so I cast about a bit for another action and settled on the the French counterattack by SOMUA S-35s of the 3rd Light Mechanized Division  against the panzers of the  3rd Panzer Division on the morning of May 13, 1940.  The Panzers had pushed the French Dragoons out of Orp in the morning and were reported to be moving to Jandrain when the French launched the attack by the 1st Cuirassiers.

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I Ain’t Been Shot, Mum

Since moving to Virginia, I’ve been meeting a number of different groups of gamers around the area.  One such group meets at the FLGS (Your Hobby Place in Martinsburg) and usually plays various historical board games.  However, Jim was interested in playing I Ain’t Been Shot Mum! from Too Fat Lardies.  I’d had the rules for a while and had been wanting to try it out, so I was happy to set up a game.

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FOW Blitzkrieg – Action around Hannut

Soon after I arrived here in Winchester I picked up the new Flames of  War book “Blitzkrieg”, which covers the invasions of Poland and France in 1939-1940.  I have been gathering minis for France 1940 for several years, focusing on elements of the French 3rd Light Mechanized Division and 4th Panzer Division that clashed near Hannut, Belgium.  This battle was the first great tank clash of the war and the French more than held their own against the vaunted Panzer Divisions.

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2e Cuirassiers, finally!

Some years ago, 2005 I think, my wife bought me a French tank company for Christmas.  She did a great job of it, secretly talking to my buddy Mike about what I would want, what tanks to order, how many, etc.   She was justifiably proud of herself since she totally surprised me – how often to we get wargaming presents we have not picked out ourselves.

Unfortunately, I have always felt that I let her down a bit because that tank company has sat about in the unpainted bin for years.  Shortly after that Christmas , I and many of my gaming buddies got busy trying to finish our dissertations and then we had a baby (Beth and I, not my gaming buddies) and moved to Knoxville,  so the French were pushed aside in favor of things the other locals were playing.  Eventually Andy and I started talking about actually doing some early war games and I got the motivation to actually finish up those French tanks, only 4 years or so after I got them.

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