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Vyazma or Bust with Battlegroup: Barbarossa

“You can take a picture of it [the dead KV-2] if you put it on your blog.  You haven’t put anything there in years”

The picture was snapped and so the challenge accepted.  After a 3-ish year hiatus, I am back with some accounts of our latest game.

Barbarossa cover

Last year at Historicon I  got a chance to try out the Battlegroup series of WWII rules from Ironfist Publishing.  I enjoyed the games a lot and so brought the rules home for the group to try, where they have also been a hit.  I’ll let others provide a review, but we have really enjoyed these as they move fast, have enough command uncertainty, and create historically reasonable outcomes.

For our latest venture we have been playing the Vyazma or Bust campaign written for IABSM and converting the scenarios to use with the Battlegroup: Barbarossa rules.  This campaign is set during the fall of 1941 as a part of the Barbarossa campaign.

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Barrage 2013

On Saturday I made the trip to the HAWKS annual one-day mini con, BarrageI know the HAWKS from games at the HMGS cons (as well as knowing Buck Surdu for a long time), so was expecting a quality event and I weas not disappointed.  It was a great time and well worth the two hour drive over and back.

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IABSM – Blenneville or Bust: Avaux

The second scenario of the IABSM Blenneville or Bust campaign featured an attack by the British against German positions near the fictitious town of Avaux.  We played this scenario way back in the spring, so details are sketchy at best, but it was a good, close run game.  As with the previous installment of the campaign, if you are planning to play the campaign and don’t want to know the particulars, consider this your official spoiler alert.

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IABSM – Blenneville or Bust: West of Pierrecourt

We recently decided that a campaign would be fun, so I picked up the Blenneville or Bust campaign from Two Fat Lardies written by Robert Avery.  This is a fictional campaign set in a valley in Normandy immediately following the landings.  The first game of the campaign involves an American reconnaissance effort.

Spoiler Alert – If you are planning to play the campaign and want to have limited intel, read on at your own risk. Read More…

Saga – The Escort

This Saga game took place a while ago (well before the IABSM game in the last post) so I’m not going to try and dredge up the particulars from my addled brain, but I’ll hit the high points.  For this one, we broke out the newly painted pigs, carts, and ponies and played The Escort, one of the scenarios in the Saga rulebook, with the Irish warlords serving to help the local monastery bring in supplies provided by their flock in the countryside.   On the other side, a band of Vikings looks to score some quick loot and maybe knock a priest or two on the head in the name of Odin.

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Historicon CY6-athon!

When it came time to register games for Historicon this year, I found myself in a bit of a pickle – I wanted to run a number of Check Your 6! games, but wasn’t sure what days I’d be able to make it to the convention.  However, I figured I’d at least be able to make it for Saturday, so signed up to run three Check Your 6! games back to back to back on Saturday.  We’ll see how my voice holds out through the entire day.  On the plus side, all of the games are on the same table, so I’ll only have to drag out my stuff one time.

Here are my games for this year’s con

S-585 – CY6! – Rude Insult – Port Moresby, New Guinea, 18 May 1942
Sat. 9 AM, 4 hrs, 6 players
GM: Brian Cantwell and Skirmish Campaigns
Sponsor: Fight’s On! Miniatures and I-94 Enterprises
WWII 1/300, Rules: Check Your 6!
Facing stiff opposition from the skilled Japanese pilots of the Tainan Air Group as well as their own balky aircraft, the young Americans of the
8th Fighter Group aggressively attacked at every opportunity. On this mission, future ace and flight leader Tommy Lynch scored his first
confirmed kill during a Betty raid against 12-Mile Strip.
Younger gamers welcome with supervising adult.

S-586 – CY6! – A Day of Firsts – Buna, New Guinea, 27 Dec 1942
Sat. 1 PM, 4 hrs, 6 players
GM: Brian Cantwell and Skirmish Campaigns
Sponsor: Fight’s On! Miniatures and I-94 Enterprises
WWII 1/300, Rules: Check Your 6!
Nine days after arriving in New Guinea, the Japanese Army Air Force’s 11th Sentai embarked on their first joint operation with JNAF units,
joining Zeros to escort Aichi D3A dive bombers attacking the newly established Allied airfield near Buna. The group had its first encounter with
two future foes: the P-38 Lightning and Richard Bong.
Younger gamers welcome with supervising adult.

S-587 – CY6! Jet Age, Arab Israeli – Turning the Tide – Sinai, 19 Oct 1973
Sat. 5 PM, 4 hrs, 5 players
GM: Brian Cantwell and Skirmish Campaigns
Sponsor: Fight’s On! Miniatures and Pico Armor
Modern 1/300, Rules: Check Your 6! – Jet Age
As the tide of the war turns against them, the Egyptian Air Force launches attacks against Israeli columns pushing west toward the Suez Canal
and Egypt. Two veteran Nesher pilots of the IAF’s 144 Squadron are vectored in to intercept EAF strike aircraft escorted by MiG-21s. Can skill
and superior missiles overcome the numerical superiority?
Younger gamers welcome with supervising adult.

Hope to see you in a couple of weeks.  If you enjoy the blog, feel free to stop by and say Hi.

Counterattack at Jandrain – IABSM game #2

The first I Ain’t Been Shot Mum! game was quite well received and the group was eager for another action.  One of the players requested more tanks, so I cast about a bit for another action and settled on the the French counterattack by SOMUA S-35s of the 3rd Light Mechanized Division  against the panzers of the  3rd Panzer Division on the morning of May 13, 1940.  The Panzers had pushed the French Dragoons out of Orp in the morning and were reported to be moving to Jandrain when the French launched the attack by the 1st Cuirassiers.

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