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Winchester, VA

We have made the move from Knoxville to Winchester and are starting to get settled in.  My wife has started her new position as an assistant professor at Shenandoah University and is really enjoying it.  Winchester seems like a great little city and we are looking forward to exploring the place more fully.  The town was the site of three ACW battles (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Battles of Winchester) and has a Civil War museum on the pedestrian mall downtown.

Our house is still a wreck, with boxes to be unpacked and things to be re-assembled, but we are slowly starting to conquer the chaos.   From the perspective of the Repple Depple, the game stuff is slowly getting unpacked.  I have taken over one of the unfinished areas in the basement for my storage area.  So far casualties from the move have been minimal (more on moving miniatures to come soon).

Although I’ve not had time to for a game yet, prospects in the area seem good.  There is a Friendly Local Gaming Store in Martinsburg, WV, (about 25 minutes north of here) named Your Hobby Place that plays host to historical miniatures (as well as other stuff).  We are also only about 1 hour from The Game Parlor in Chantilly, VA, where the gamers from Northern Virginia Gamers often get together.  One of my wife’s best friends lives near there and she has already brought up the idea that we could go over and I could game while she and her friend went shopping.  A Win-Win Situation.

So hopefully the Repple Depple will soon be back to producing some more interesting content…