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IABSM: Action at Anzio

StuG IIIGs move past abandoned British entrenchments to support the assault

After a long lull, we recently got in another game of IABSM 3 using a scenario from the “Anzio, From Wildcat to Whale” book by Robert Avery.  This game was set during the German counterattacks that took place once the allies had exhausted themselves trying to break the German perimeter.  Apologies for the few and crappy pictures – I forgot the camera and just had my phone… plus the game was a good one  and I forgot to take many pictures.

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Bathtub Primosole Bridge

The arrival of spring break allowed me a little time to organize some much needed relaxation, so I put together another scenario for I Ain’t Been Shot Mum (v3).  This one was a bathtub version of some of the fighting around the Primosole Bridge during the invasion of Sicily.

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IABSM: The Road To Scoglitti

Last week we got in our second game with IABSM version 3, this time using a scenario from the Sicilian Weekend scenario book published by Too Fat Lardies.  This book contains a scad of scenarios covering the first two days of Operation Husky, the Allied invasion of Sicily in July 1943.

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Malta Milk Run

We are continuing to work our way through the Falcon of the Duce scenario book for Check Your 6! At the Sidi Rezegh game, Bob had brought out a couple of his Cant Z.1007 bombers to show off and they looked great, so we were eager to get them onto the table.    The Italians were getting an upgrade for this scenario, with the faster Macchi C.200 replacing the biplane CR-42s.  However, the armament didn’t go up and neither did the armor protection – both factors that would weigh in the game.  We also had a really full house for this game, with seven players including a CY6! newbie.  We added a couple of fighters to each side of the scenario to accommodate the crowd.

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FOW – Bathtub Sidi Rezegh

A couple of weeks ago the guys were wanting to break out the North Africa WWII collections, so I put together a Flames of War scenario based on a bathtub version of the second day at Sidi Rezegh (November 22, 1941)  during Operation Crusader.

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Cy6! in the Med

After a couple of failed tries, we got on to the next scenario in the Falcon of the Duce scenario book for Check Your Six! This one featured the first appearance of the British Hurricane while the Italians were still flying the CR-42 biplane.  However, this game definitely pointed out one of the philosophies behind CY6!:  “It is the man, not the machine”

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FOW – British Cruisers Attack!

I haven’t posted a Flames of War report lately, but not because we haven’t been playing, but more because I keep forgeting my camera.  It’s all about the eye candy.   A couple of the guys in our group have recently gotten their North Africa collections to a game ready point, so we’ve been doing some North Africa games set around the time of Operation Crusader.  At some point (probably during the 8 hours driving to and from Fall In!) we were talking about ways to get the feel for the desert war on a game table.  Since wargamers are seldom going to emulate the tactics of the British voluntarily, I decided to try and write a scenario that might  capture some of the feel of the British tanks attacks.  A feature of the British armoured forces during this period was that they tended to operate in tank heavy battlegroups with very little infantry and no artillery.   Another feature was their disturbing tendency to wander into German anti-tank gun traps.  So I set out to put together a scenario to capture the feel of the British tank attacks I’ve read about.

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