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Air War in Europe

A while back 21st Century Toys started producing a line of 1/144th scale WWII aircraft models and selling them at WalMart stores nationwide. While originally limited, the range has proven popular and has continued to grow. These are nice little models and the price (~$3.25 ea.) is definitely right. I already have too many painting projects, but these prepainted models offered me a chance to expand my WWII aircraft collection into a new area without the time commitment required to get all of the models painted up. I’ve purchased a number of these for the late war ETO and late war PTO. Recently I found a great source of some of the prepainted Japanese gasaphon collectible kits, offering reasonable prices and, even better, reasonable shipping. So I ordered a few additional German planes to add to my collection.

Japanese gasaphon collectible aircraft kits ready for combat

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