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More Roman Seas Ships

I finished up a few more Roman Seas ships as I gear up to be able to do some convoy escort games.   In addition to builing up the merchant fleet, I am also expanding my collection of ships to offer the players more variety of escorts and raiders than my current giant collection of liburnians allows.

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Roman Seas Corbita

After the successful game at Historicon using Eric Hotz soon to be released Roman Seas rules, I’m definitely interested in playing some more games.  My collection is pretty limited at this time, since the scenario I have run before is set in 289 AD, by which time the Roman fleets were almost entirely smaller bireme Liburnians.  So I’ve embarked on a ship building program to expand the repertoire a little for future games.  One of the scenarios in the rulebook is a convoy escort and I’m doing a number of merchant vessels for that game.  The first one out of the shipyards is this Corbita, a Roman grain ship.

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Roman Seas II – Marines

To crew out my 1:300 Roman ships with marines, I ordered some 6mm infantry from Baccus in the UK. I sent a few emails to Peter at Baccus and he was very helpful in helping me decide which packs to get. I ended up with a mix of Later Imperial Romans with and without helmets (but no body armor) . I also picked up some Later Imperial archers and a pack of ballista from the Early Imperial Romans range. Service from Baccus was great and I got the minis from England within a couple of weeks.

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Roman Seas

Just before I moved from College Station, one of the gamers there had purchased some of the 1:300 Roman Seas paper ship models from Hotz Artworks. I got to see some of the finished models, which looked really nice, but never got to play in any of the games. I decided to get some of these and to make getting a Roman naval game my 2008 Historicon Project.

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