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Pig Wars – Flotsam and Jetsam

Mik named our latest Pig Wars game Flotsam and Jetsam in his recent game report and I liked the name so decided to pilfer it.   The scenario featured two bands of Vikings against a band of shipwreck survivors sent from the Holy Church to Ireland and their Irish rescuers.

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Pig Wars – Here comes the bride

Several of us had been painting away on Dark Ages models, so we decided it was time for another Pig Wars game.  As Bob elegantly put it at the game, “skirmish games should have a story and not just be stand up fights”.  For this one I wanted to get a nice multiplayer game with a factions, uncertain allies, hidden victory conditions, etc., and we had a nice turnout for the game.

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Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Yesterday a couple of the locals braved sleet and snow to gather for another game of Pig Wars.   The scenario I threw together had the vanguards for two advancing armies converging on the only local bridge across a deep and swift flowing river.  A couple of other crossing sites were known, but neither could support the movement of large armies.

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Pig Wars – Viking raiders repulsed

As I noted in the last post, our group has recently been smitten by the Viking bug and has started to paint figures and explore rules for some Dark Ages skirmish gaming with a bit of Heroic Saga thrown in.  A couple of weeks ago, Mik and Bob tried out a game using Bob’s Clans and Companies rules and last week a few of us got together to play Tod Kershner’s Pig Wars.  I had played Pig Wars a good bit back in Texas, where my good friend Mike used the rules to do scenarios between the Picts and Romans around Hadrian’s Wall in northern England.  So I tracked down a copy of the rules (now available as a PDF directly from the author) and wrote up a quick scenario.

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