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Check Your 6! at Historicon

There is little doubt that Check Your 6! has become the dominant air combat game at Historicon.  There were many CY6! games covering all kinds of actions, from fighter scrums to 60+ plane B-17 raids on Berlin to jet combat over the Fauklands.  This year I made my contribution with two games, one based in New Guinea using my Come On, Charlie! scenario and a second brand new scenario set during the Continuation War between Finland and the Soviet Union.

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Check Your Six! – Continuation War

As mentioned in the previous article, I had picked up aircraft at Historicon to play the two Continuation War scenarios from the Check Your Six! rulebook. After getting the planes ready, we played these two scenarios last night and had a great time.

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Finland’s Tigers / Stalin’s Falcons

At Historicon this year I picked up as part of my haul all of the aircraft to play the two Continuation War scenarios from the the Check Your Six! rulebook (Tigers of Finland and Finland the Brave). Last night I finished the last of the Finnish aircraft and took some pictures.

Soviet Aircraft

Polikarpov I-15

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