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Saga – Things to Fight Over

One of the more interesting looking of the generic scenarios in the Saga rules is The Escort, in which one force is attempting to escort a train of valuables to safety.  The rules provide some very loose guidelines for the baggage elements in terms of size, but after that, it’s up to the imagination of the gamer as to what he wants to include.  Read More…


Fall is Football Season

If you are from Texas (or most of the south for that matter), fall means one thing – Football!  Yes, the time of Friday Night Lights, the NFL, and the weekly disappointment that is Texas Aggies football.  Sounds like the perfect time to play some Blood Bowl!

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Easy Forest Boundries

One of the terrain issues I’ve often struggled with is representing the edges of wooded areas in a manner that is attractive, flexible, compact, and quick to deploy.

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