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Historicon 2017 – 3mm madness

This year’s theme for Historicon is “100 Years of the Tank”.  That seemed like a perfect excuse to getting really cracking on a project I’ve been kicking around on for a couple of years now – the tanks battles in North Africa using the really nice 3mm armor from Picoarmor.  I had picked up some of these in the past to use as targets in Check Your 6! games and was really, really impressed by the detail and intrigued by the possibility of doing a unit based game where the stands really look like units and not individual tanks.  A while back I bought a bunch of German tanks and experimented with painting and basing, but the project got sidetracked by various other games.

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Scenario Gold!

A recent post on the forums at The Miniatures Page pointed me to the Digitized Monograph Collection held by the Donovon Research Library at the US Army’s Infantry School on Ft. Benning.  This is a great collection of personal accounts and other papers written by US Army officers.  These include WWI through the present.  I’ve so far only explored the WWII section, but that includes accounts at many levels from platoon up through corp as well as specific tactical problems, campaign synopsis, etc.  Many of the monographs I’ve quickly looked at contain maps and should provide a great resource for writing interesting wargame scenarios.

Note that I (and others from what I saw on the TMP forum) had to allow a security exemption for their browser to gain access.