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Flames of War Ostfront campaign

An expanded Axis of Attack campaign featuring simple casualty tracking, more uses of victory points for scenario special rules, and maps for table layout. Players could easily mix and match the various components to create a customized Axis of Attack campaign with a little more meat than the standard one from the FOW rulebook.

Ostfront Campaign Rules

Ostfront Campaign Maps – sectors 1-2, sectors 3-5, sectors 7-6

Sample Campaign Roster


Flames of War

Kicking off Cobra – Scenario game set in Normandy – 30th Infantry Division attacks to clear a path for Thrid Army to launch Operation Cobra.

The Carraceto Salient – Scenario games set in the north side of the Allied perimeter at Anzio

Breathrough at Orsha – Scenario set during Operation Bagration and designed to use a slice through the Special Assault Group detailed in the FOW book Stalin’s Onslaught.   German Briefing, Soviet Briefing, Scenario Map

Breakout at Borizov – Second scenario in Operation Bagration series.  Features elements of Soviet 5th Guards Tank Army against elements of 5th Panzer Division and 505th Heavy Panzer Battalion north of Borizov.   Scenario Briefing, Sample Maps

Bagration Counterattack – Third scenario in the Operation Bagration series.  German elements of 5th Panzer counterattack a column of Soviet troops moving west.

Matanikau River – Scenario based on the attacks against the US Marine positions along the Matanikau River by elements of the Japanese 2nd (Sendai) Division and the 1st Independent Tank Company

Sweeping Battle – a take on the Total War scenario from the Flames of War website designed to allow unbalanced forces.

 I Ain’t Been Shot Mum

L’ Abbaye Blanche II – US versus German scenario for IABSM 3 set during Operation Lüttich in August 1944

Check Your Six!

P-47 Scenarios – P-47’s against Japanese Ki-84 and P-47’s against German Bf 109

Jets Up – P-51’s bounce Me 262s taking off

Eye for an Eye – JAAF tries to shoot down MacArthur – Historicon 2008 Scenario

Dogfight over Asch – Luftwaffe fighters strike an American airfield on January 1, 1945.

Come on Charlie – Aircobras get the jump on Tainan Air Group Zeros near Lae

Instrument of Attack – Johnnie Johnson leads RCAF Spitfires as they bounce German fighters over france in 1944

Nijmegen Bridge – RCAF Spitfires defend the bridges at Nijmegen from attack by FW-190s

The Beaufighters Got One – P-38s of 39th Squadron escort RAAF Beaufighters during the Battle of the Bismarck Sea

A Day of Firsts – The first joint operation between Japanese Army and Navy squadrons on New Guinea is opposed by P-38s of the 39th Fighter Squadron.

Cauldron over Maasricht – Allied Spitfires and Mustangs engage German fighters attempting to break through to the transports below.

Finland’s Hawks, Stalin’s Falcons – Finnish and Soviet forces clash over the Olonets Isthumus.  Historicon 2009 scenario.  Also available as a Lite version.

Futile Gestures – Elements of RAF 605 Squadron fight against Japanese of the 22nd Air Flotilla in the last days of the defense of Java.

Check Your Six! – Jet Age

The Friend of my Enemy – Elements of the Libyan and Egyptian Air Forces clash during the brief conflict in July 1977.

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