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Guadalcanal Campaign – Finale!

Last week we got together for the final scenario of the Guadalcanal campaign for Check Your Six!. The final scenario featured Japanese Zeros coming down to strafe Marine Corp positions on Edson’s Ridge.

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Guadalcanal Campaign – Part IV

Another quick update on the Guadalcanal campaign for Check Your Six!. Last week we played a couple of more scenarios, both involving raids by formations of Japanese Bettys against Henderson Field. Read More…

Guadalcanal Campaign – Part III

We got together last night to do a couple of more games in the Guadalcanal campaign for Check Your Six!.

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CY6! Guadalcanal Campaign, Part II

We recently ran another installment of the Guadalcanal campaign for Check Your Six! In the first series of games, the Americans came off rather badly and US air strength was low. For the next couple of games, the US commander decided to take a conservative approach in order to rebuild US air strength.

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Guadalcanal campaign for Check Your Six!

I recently had Bob pick up a copy of the Guadalcanal campaign book for Check Your Six! while he was at Cold Wars. I took the opportunity to read through it during the 16 hour drive back to Texas to visit my family. The guys at Skirmish Campaigns have hit upon a really clever idea for doing campaigns of linked scenarios. These use a branching-point narrative in which the players read numbered paragraphs and are presented with some decision to make. The decision takes them to the next paragraph and after a few of these the player’s decisions will affect the set-up, victory conditions, etc. of the next tabletop scenario. The Guadalcanal campaign follows the early days of the Cactus Air Force as the Japanese try to crush Henderson Field so that they can move reinforcements down The Slot to retake the island. The American strength is represented by a Plane Availablilty number that can be reduced through combat losses or bombing. This number is then used in a number of pen-and-paper scenarios throughout the campaign to determine how successfully the Americans are able to intercept Japanese troop convoys delivering reinforcements to the island.

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Soviet Juggernaut Stumbles On

Chuk and I played another game in our Ostfront campaign last night and the Soviets eked out another costly win. The mission for this game was a Breakthrough, which in our campaign set-up allows the attacker to advance two campaign sectors with a victory, so I used some of my VP to add some points to my force to try and get the victory and push into the German Home Sector.

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The Ostfront Campaign

Chuk and I have started up an Axis of Attack campaign set in Spring 1943 on the Eastern Front. We wanted something with a little more meat than the standard Flames of War Axis of Attack campaigns. Specifically, we wanted some sort of casualty tracking from game to game. So I cooked up these rules. Eventually they grew to incorporate a number of other ideas, such as use of VP for various scenario special rules and use of maps to determine terrain (taken using Google Earth).

Ostfront Campaign

Ostfront Campaign Rosters

Campaign Sectors 1-2

Campaign Sectors 3-5

Campaign Sectors 6-7
Stay tuned for AAR’s and pictures of all of our games.