More Saga Troops

One of my hobby goals for this year is to try to get back into the swing of putting some stuff on my blog. In order to make that happen with the demands of work/kids/life, I am going to try doing more quick and dirty posts…

So in that vein, here are some hastily done and somewhat washed out photos of some recent stuff I painted for Saga. These are largely in support of my Norman/Frank/Crusader forces.

Bishop and attendant from Gripping Beast

Gripping Beast peasants

Crusader Miniatures Bishop Odo, part of a character pack with foot and mounted versions of Odo and William the Bastard.  This model mainly serves as my mounted Priest for Saga.

More spearmen assembled from the Conquest Games Norman Infantry box.

Some Old Glory Pechengs. I found these at the FLGS on sale and bought them to serve as Steppe Nomads or Turcomen. Not the greatest models, but they look fine painted up.

Another 4 Old Glory Pechengs sitting in one of the movement trays I got from Warbases.

I made these flags for Saga to mark units that have been affected by lasting abilities, mark abilities on my opponent’s board that have been affected, etc. They came in very handy during my Saga games at Cold Wars. The design matches the Norman/Frank/Crusader warlord’s shield

Current Saga painting projects include Jomsvikings and Byzantines.  Stay tuned for more pictures…


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3 responses to “More Saga Troops”

  1. Andy says :

    Great to see you posting again! Figures look great, as always.

    Those kids wipe you out, don’t they? My daughter will be going to college in the fall, maybe it will free up a bit more time at the cost of a bit more money…

    • Brian says :

      College! That’s crazy talk… Mine is starting middle school next year and that’s bad enough!

      Stay tuned for my upcoming Historicon game announcement… you’ll like it.

  2. jmezz382 says :

    I understand your plight. I am in the same boat lol

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